We worshipped – Secret Santa Worship Day

As I stood I saw a small light.  A pinprick.  A flicker.  Someone had moved, there in the congregation.  Just for a moment.  And someone else, another minute flare.  And more.  More flickers.  Instants of  “was that … ?” moments.  Like fireflies.  And I looked down as I stood – what about me?  And saw a faint glow within me.  Hidden within.

And as I caressed the words of The Word, I saw fireflies were everywhere.  Flickers.  Disconnected and faint.  Alone.  Each on its own.

And as I spoke words I do not remember, meanings I cannot recollect, I saw these faint lights raise above each one.  A pinprick of light.  And each began to circle.  Faster and faster.

Even as I spoke.


My lips moving, breath in and breath out, words of sound  … I know not what.

Faster and faster this whirling light show.

Ever faster and brighter as now there were no pinpricks.

All were one.

A circle of flame above my head.

Above our heads.

The noise was monstrous.

I could not hear my voice even though words continued.

And without thought I stopped.

Lost in wonder at the sight and sound of this fire.

And others followed my gaze.

Others seemed to see as well.

Others seemed to hear.

I heard gasps of wonder.

I saw some hear music.

I saw some see their friends.

I saw others see their beloved loved ones.

I saw and heard such beauty everywhere …












There was no “collar or calling”.  There was no “them and us”.  There was no “saved or unclean”.  There was just great beauty, great union, great tears of joy.  We were as we Are.  As One in One of One.  We are in One and One in each.

As I stood at the lectern I saw a great light.  A union of spirit within.  And then sparks broke away and fell.  Each alighting on a head.  Each settling in the hair – then the faces aglow – then within each.   Not just within – within and without.  Each of us alive, alight and changed.

As I stood …

We worshipped.