Secret Santa Worship (Blog) Day – thank you!

The morning after the night before!

And a heartfelt thank you to all who took part.  Those who wrote, obviously, but also those who read and commented.

“Secret Santa Blog Day” began life as a suggestion to write a post about “worship” and have it published on another’s site.  The writer would have no choice in which site it is published, and the publisher would have no choice of which post they published.  Sort of like the workplace “secret santa” (which has presents) – but in this case with “posts”.

But almost all the authors who initially volunteered were already connected with Church Set Free.  So the theme of worship was moved to this blogsite – and the “anonymous secret” element was dropped – and the name for the day evolved into “Secret Santa “Worship” Day” – and along the way a few more bloggers volunteered (they may call it “were ensnared”).

And, then, yesterday – ten posts went up.

All of them written independently.  None of them edited or changed.  Ten ordinary human-beings writing as they were moved to write.  Their only guidance?  That one word: “Worship” – and their own relationship with “God” and “church” (or whatever all that “stuff” means to each).

If you have read them all you will have noticed many differences.  And one common thread running throughout all –


Love in relationship.  Love in living.  Love in being.  Love in connecting.  Love as worship and worship as Love.

L O V E.

That common thread blew me away!

Because this word “worship” seems (so often) to be just another “and do this” when it comes to God stuff.

You turn up on “Sunday”, and you worship together.  And then you go home again. Worship done.  God done.  For another week. All the guilt attached to the weekly attendance (or not).  All the routine that is worship (or not).  All the “we all know what worship is don’t we” (and mainly do not).

So on a personal level – to see others write about worship was very helpful … but to see what they wrote “worship IS” to each … ?  That was truly amazing!

It was my privilege to be part of yesterday –

Thank you  – writers … readers … commenters … sharers – and everyone who “connected”.