What is Church?


Perhaps I should begin by saying what church is not.

Church is not simply a brick-and-mortar building. Church is not a system of rules and laws. Church is not judgment and condemnation, shame and guilt, accusation and exclusion. . Church is not my dogma is better than your dogma. Church is not us and them. Not the church Jesus intended.

Church is people who ache to follow Jesus. Church is people who care to know you. Church is people who meet you where you are. Church is people who uplift and encourage. Church is safe. Church is hope. Church is the Holy Spirit showing up through people you hardly know to let you know He knows your heart.

Church is where your vulnerability meets my vulnerability and together we walk unashamedly toward God.

Church is a group of online bloggers who, without fail, write with the love and compassion of God. They demonstrate it in their love for individuals and humanity, in their quest to be the heart of Jesus, in their desire to let His light shine through their words and their actions.

Church is wherever two or more are gathered in His name.

Church is me and you, and our questions and struggles to figure out this relationship with a God we cannot see. It is holding out our hands to accept His unconditional love, His grace and His mercy, even though we can’t figure out why He would bestow this amazing gift on us.

Church is allowing God to have His way with you, and acknowledging you are already perfect; yet, in the refining process, knowing once He has His gentle hands on you, He will mold you and shape you into the masterpiece you were intended to be.

Church is removing the veil of guilt and shame and daring to see yourself through the loving and compassionate eyes of Jesus.

Church is mourning over great loss, knowing He walks through it with you, tears in His eyes, arms around you, bearing much of the burden of your grief and heartache so you will not be crushed and destroyed by the weight of it.

Church is finding joy in the quiet hours of the early morning, delighting in the fullness of heart and peace of another day, as He embraces and envelopes you in grace and mercy and everlasting love.

Church is the thrill of finding Him in every living heart; the willingness to seek and experience through guileless eyes the wonder and exultation that is our Creator.