The Key of David – Secret Santa Worship Day

Worship. This is a great subject to write about. My heart just loves the thought of worship in song.

I have been a lover of music since I was born.  Music means a lot to me.  I am constantly humming or singing or listening to music.  Or even tapping out a beat – which can drive people crazy around you.  My kids are all musicians.  I’m a self taught guitar player and chords on a keyboard.  Recently I took up the Ukulele – the happiest instrument I know!

David, the King, is one of my favorite men of the Bible. He knew how to worship. He learned music does indeed sooth the savage beast. He could war with worship to God. He could commune with God in deep intimate ways with music. I do believe it was his lifestyle. It was the key to his relationship with God – The Key of David. He even had a scribe follow him to write down the lyrics he heard. A lifestyle of worship.

I want that.  I want to be so wrapped up in my relationship with God the Father and Jesus, the son and Holy Spirit that my battles are more bearable and the enemy flees and the harassment becomes tiny whispers that I can ignore, or not even hear anymore.  I want to be so caught up in worship that I can hear God more clearly and see more of His perspective.  So caught up that my life will be filled with His joy and therefore, His strength.

A lifestyle of worship.

I wrote a bit about that on another post.  About worship being what you do, who you are.  The act of carrying out your task or life work being your worship to God. I just love that.

So, for me, what is worship to me? It is intimacy with the Creator and all that entails. He is the ultimate artist and He did well to create me. To worship Him is to commune and dance and walk and hike and sing and laugh and listen and serve and love others and joy and sing and love myself and laugh and love Him and sing and laugh – oh, and eat!  LOL

Here is a song that can speak volumes if you hear……


Cate B