Kitchen Table Conversation — In Re: Roman Goddess Iusticia et al. versus God, Our Father Almighty

Alien Invasion Fears Replaced by
Concern Over Mysterious Celestial Lights

Worldwide Press – 1 February – Everywhere, Earth

Jurists and tourists the world over were astonished to see countless statues and monuments step down from their plinths and ascend radiant golden stairways that mystically appeared before them outside museums, government buildings, and courthouses this morning. An unprecedented broadcast began – source undetermined – following the progress of an extraordinary legal case, apparently proceeding beyond the venue of any earthly jurisdiction. The broadcast is accessible just beyond the cable capacity of all networks, nonetheless appearing on any device or screen whose viewer seeks to find it.

The evening news broadcast began thus:

Petition was filed in Celestial Court last week, by Plaintiff Goddesses Iusticia, Themis, Dike, Isis, and Maat, (hereinafter referred to as “Plaintiffs Justice”) alleging that Yahweh, the Father God Almighty (hereinafter referred to as “Respondent God”) was not consistently “Just” nor in keeping with “Law and Order”.

The crux of their claim is that, “Respondent God, with total awareness and forethought, does not uphold the Cosmos with ‘Justice’.” They indicated that the fundamental principles of justice must incorporate their blindness as to parties, their scales and balance as to magnitude of offense, consequence or recompense, and their sword as to ruthless determination to execute judgment upon the guilty.

More details as they become available. . .

Plaintiffs Rest After Five Days of Witnesses and Evidence
Respondent’s Defense Eagerly Awaited Tomorrow

Worldwide Press – 8 February – Everywhere, Earth

Plaintiff Counsel, Lucifer Lightbringer, held rapt attention as he laid out the Petitioners’ case, calling witness after witness, and supporting his arguments with Respondent God’s own internal and public documentation.

Among witnesses called were:

  • Three workmen who were hired at different times of day – in hot, sweaty circumstances – to clear the Respondent’s fields, and yet were compensated with precisely the same wage. (Note: Counselor Lightbringer offered to file suit for inadequate compensation and creating an unfair workplace, on behalf of the first and second laborers, when the current trial finishes.)
  • Ninety-nine sheep, who claimed abandonment against the Respondent’s Shepherd, for leaving them very much in the lurch to go searching for one single lamb who refused to keep with the group as instructed.
  • Various and sundry owners of grain fields and grape vineyards, who were forbidden to harvest the full measure of their own produce, despite their investment in seed, care, pesticides, and other maintenance necessities, so that shiftless vagrants such as widows, orphans, or illegal immigrants could freeload from their largesse.
  • Various major contributors to worthy community and religious causes and charities, who were shown up and insulted by unflattering comparison to a poverty-stricken old hag whose entire contribution consisted of a single copper!
  • A number of prestigious religious leaders who, although they had endeavored to keep their actions always within the bounds of law and order, found themselves called such names as “white washed tombs” and “brood of vipers”. “Imagine!” Plaintiff’s Counsel dramatically paused, “simply for heeding the Law.”

Lightbringer’s voice rose in volume and pitch as he approached the end of his closing arguments, pointed an immaculately manicured bony finger directly at the Respondent, and demanded in stentorian tones, “Do You deny, Sire, that You ‘make it rain on the just and the unjust alike?'” as he paused for dramatic effect.

No one had dared to “swear in” Respondent God as to telling “the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.” That was taken as a given. You could hear a pin drop in the courtroom, every breath and word hushed, as majestically He rose and said,

“I do not deny this.”

After which with a theatrical flourish, Counsel responded, “From His own mouth! Ladies, gentlemen, and Cosmos, what further proof is needed? The Plaintiffs rest our case!” And he sat, as court was adjourned for the day.

Text of One Typical Evening News Cast:

“Government and academic officials are stymied to explain the nature of the ongoing broadcasts from the alleged ‘Celestial Court’. All attempts to track the signal to its source have been unsuccessful, as each satellite in geosynchronous orbit receive this full strength broadcast, regardless of position, location, altitude or nationality of the satellite. Of further interest is that there is no consensus on what language is being spoken throughout the proceedings. Without the apparent presence of any microphones, headsets, or translators, reports indicate that every person on earth is hearing every broadcast in his/her own language. Technology experts and various well-known commercial interests have convened emergency conferences, brain trusts, and activated think tanks to analyze the nature of these phenomena, and attempt to reverse engineer the means of these broadcasts. Patent attorneys for the 10 largest communication and computing firms, have already begun preparation of documents to exert exclusive ownership rights over any discoveries made.

“On a totally unrelated note, correspondents in Vatican City, Mecca, Canterbury, along with religious centers all over the globe, have been unavailable for comment, as have Justices of the United States Supreme Court, the World Court at the Hague, and the United Nations. This, of itself, has prompted speculation of some sort of divine or metaphysical manifestation, as these parties have never before been notable for their silence or absence from press coverage and photo opportunities. Official sources have announced that they are sequestered in “prayer, reflection, and consultation”, but rumors persist that they may have retreated to deep mountain nuclear redoubts left over from the Cold War, consulting with military and political leaders on potential strategies in the event of unscheduled End Times or Armageddon. Government officials deny any such reports.

“Viewers the world over await tomorrow’s developments with great interest. Respondent God is on the docket to testify on His own behalf. He is the only witness scheduled for the defense.”

Mysterious Ending(?) to Untraceable Court Case
Panic Averted as Art Works Return Home

Worldwide Press – 9 February – Everywhere, Earth

Activity seemed to come to a standstill today, when Goddess Iusticia, et. al., vs. God, Our Father Almighty came to an abrupt, totally unexpected, end. After the brilliant presentation on behalf of the plaintiff goddesses by their advocate and accuser, Counsel Lucifer Lightbringer across five days of testimony and documentary presentation, the petitioner’s case was rested. Everyone expected an equally brilliant and protracted defense from the opposition, as the Advocate Jesus (also known as “The Mighty Counselor”) rose to make His statement to those attending, and introduced His One and Only witness, His Father, the Almighty.

“Ladies and gentlemen, and all of Creation, My honorable opponent has spoken passionately and researched diligently to present his case for the petitioner’s, accusing Respondent God of being, in short, ‘Unfair!’ You may ask yourself why, given the exalted rank and undeniable authority of this Respondent… how is it even conceivable that such a cause of action, to take God Almighty to task as being unjust… has been tolerated? Nay, even embraced, by His Divine Majesty? The answer is quite simple.

“My Client, in this case, Our Father, seeks to set the record straight once and for all. Day after day, night after night, we receive and absorb the prayers and tears of precious children asking over and over again… “Why me, Lord?”… “Why this?” … “Why now?”… “This is NOT FAIR!”

“And, even though Our Father has manifested the fullness of His nature in many ways, through Creation, through Me, through the Spirit Indwelling, through Scripture, and countless times through the words and teachings of those with ears and eyes for Him… nonetheless, well-meaning, good-hearted, trusting-spirited children harbor the terrible suspicion that Our Father’s conception of ‘justice’ is heartless and mechanical, and His exercise of grace and mercy are capricious and arbitrary. This day, in this place, through the unwitting and unwilling cooperation of the plaintiffs’ advocate, Counselor Lucifer Lightbringer, we endeavor to bring light into darkness again, and help people understand… Divine Justice.

“Ladies, gentlemen, and all of Creation… I present to you, His Divine Majesty, Our Father, God Alone…” and the Mighty Counselor bowed as He made way for the “I AM”, the Tetragrammaton, the Divine and Holy One, to cross the court, mount the step to the witness chair, and stand a moment before all assembled.

“I appreciate,” He began, “that no one has asked about this as I approached, but let Me assure all assembled and witnessing… I speak only TRUTH, here now, in the past, throughout the future, for that is all that I CAN speak. That is, in fact, a major reason for this gathering.

“I have only three things to say here, and then I shall let every being decide for him or herself how they choose to exercise judgment over these proceedings.


“Counselor Lightbringer, again you have done a masterful job of quoting true facts, to bring about an utterly false picture of Reality. Herein lies your magnificent talent as the Father of Lies, and you’ve not lost a jot of skill across the centuries. Ladies of Justice, while you filed this suit under the titles ‘Goddesses of Justice’, I must point out that you are indeed NOT goddesses. You are, as one recent author put it, “anthropomorphic personifications”. That is, you are crafted and created not only by the HANDS of man, but by his mind as well. I do not say this to insult your ancestry, but merely to recognize it. Worshiped you may be, as man mistakes your principles of fairness, blindness, and ruthlessness as being divine… but those qualities have nothing to do with Me, never have, and never will.


“Yes, I made a covenant with man, to be his God and he My people. In this, we vowed together and I gave man My Law under that original covenant. The Law, the Old Testament Law, the Covenant Law, was developed in a particular time and context, with a particular people, with very specific requirements. The practice of The Law seemed to take on a life of its own, as people became obsessed with its punctilious execution. As man so often does, they stared at it so closely, wrote about it so intently, even adding flourishes and swashes seeking to improve upon it, that astonishingly… they seldom see the point of the Law at all. Throughout its entirety, from the initial commandments to the narrowest requirement of worship, the Law addresses one thing and teaches a single lesson.

“The Law is intended to teach man how to deal with ‘the sacred’. The Law reflects My heart in its fullness and entirety. The Law is a revelation of My own caring for man and for Creation, and, when followed, shows man how to treat all of Creation, himself, others, and Me… as sacred as well. My Law, to be bound on the head and graven in the heart, is not simply a static list of requirements for behavior, worship, sacrifice, and sharing. Over and over again, the Law requires the giving of care, of time, of resources… from those blessed with much, to those blessed with need. The Law specifies how to deal with Me sacredly, how to deal with one another sacredly, how to deal with oneself sacredly, and even… how to deal with goods and lands sacredly. Why? Because all these are gift from Me, sacred gifts, to be treasured and enjoyed, and handled as sacred. The Law taught Sacred Relationship, as I gave and give Law. There was mercy and compassion, grace and love, throughout the Law. But man seldom sees this.

Third (and last)

“Let us dispose of ‘the Fallacy of the Fair’. I am accused of being ‘unfair’,” as the Witness shook His head. “That is true. I am NOT fair. Love isn’t fair, love gives of the self beyond measure or reason. Kindness isn’t fair; kindness gives as there is need, not as it is deserved. Grace isn’t fair; My Innocent Son took the crimes, the blame, the condemnation, and the punishment… for those ‘justly worthy’ of facing their own consequences.

“Why? Because of His love for you, and because of My own.


To Conclude Then:

“One last thing, for those who have struggled to reconcile the God of Grace with this God of Justice… I’ve been asked, countless times, by some who have seen this… the ‘unfairness’ of grace, and struggled with My Justice as God… I’ve been asked, ‘Why?’

“‘Why did Jesus have to suffer so? Why did He have to die? Why did He have to go through all that? Why not just say, ‘OK, all is forgiven and good,’ without that price of death having to be paid?’ Well, here is the short answer for those who can understand…

“Once death entered existence by man’s exercise of will in the Garden, all was set askew. All of Creation was ’tilted’, ‘canted’, ‘off-kilter’. All of Creation exists by and through My Word(s). For Me, to ‘speak’ is to ‘create’, to ‘make’, to ‘declare Real’. In the Garden, I said if that tree was eaten from, death would result. And it did. My Word cannot be undone. All of My Words must be True. For ANY word of Mine to prove false, the very foundations of the Cosmos would unravel. If you cannot believe ALL of someone’s words, then you cannot ever know which one(s) are false.

“Jesus fulfilled not only the Old Testament Covenant Law, but also the words spoken to Adam regarding sin and death. Only Jesus, as fullness of humanity and fullness of divinity, could possibly have done this. But in His taking on Himself all the consequence of all law, He satisfied, fulfilled, and completed all unfinished business. Doing this, He set free all My other children from debt and obligation.

“Jesus did what He did, to keep My words True, so that all my words, and all Our grace and blessing, are intact in Our love for Our children.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

“Now, to all who have followed these proceedings:

“You are the jury. It is you who must ponder, pray, think and decide whom you believe, whom you have faith in, and whom you trust. Make no mistake, it is not ‘what’… as if Justice and Grace were ‘things’, ‘objects’, or ‘doctrines’. The question is never “What?”, but “Who?”

“Decide now. Decide for yourselves. To live a life worshiping man-crafted idols of Justice, Law, Lists, and Codes… Or see beyond all that, see in a new way, hear and study My Word(s), and receive Our embrace of self-sacrificing love here in Jesus’ divine hands and heart. It is all up to you.”

Why do we want to kill all the broken people?

Buy the book, like today. P.S. I am not receiving ANYTHING for this endorsement

Sometimes the hard conversations are the ones that we need to have. We avoid them, run from them or sometimes completely ignore them. The longer I walk with Jesus, the more I realize that although he has changed my mind and my heart in drastic ways, I am still me. Although for a long time, I didn’t think it was o.k. to be me. Like today. Until I realized, I am exactly who he made me to be.

There are many people who have opinions on a variety of topics. Suffice it to say I wouldn’t go to a pediatrician to get an opinion on my criminal case. As smart as I am with the brains God has given me, I am smart enough to know I don’t know everything. But what I do know is the system, in all of its ebbs and flows, trials and tribulations, behind the scenes intensity and the story behind the story. I read a lot of commentary on the beast we call our court system. Most major news stories draw tons of commentary on the various opinions of the various people around the world. But if you don’t work there, if you’ve never been on the inside, it’s hard to offer anything but personal or emotion based commentary on the things you have no daily dealings with. I have seen it play out time and time again as I am in the middle of working on a case and am intimately familiar with the details, but the public who is not is able to formulate an opinion without knowing the whole story.

I mistakenly thought that when I came to Christ, everyone was a Christian. But I have found on my journey with Jesus that there are more atheists that are Christians than Christians. They may not know they are Christians, but many of them are. We are not living in the four corners and depths of their hearts. Sitting in a pew may make the seat warm, but most times, doesn’t do much more than that.

I am pushing against an uncomfortable current and God is calling me to do the things He has planned for me long ago in the way that I have been operating in the world for most, if not all of my adult life. Having the toughest cases, taking the most unpopular positions, fighting the big guy, calling out liars, defending the poor and the oppressed, standing up when others sit down, representing the people the public may hate the most. Nothing about that has changed. But to be a Christian and do those types of things is so much more difficult, to be judged by your own. Such a big part of me wants to walk away from this blog, and if it was mine, I would have. Who knows, maybe I will. But for now, in the midst of my discernment, I’ve decided to be me, well because He told me to. I find it monotonous to read pieces of people’s minds that seem regurgitated over and over again like a broken record. There are few people I admire in my line of work and fewer Christians than that. It’s not because they agree with me, in fact most of the time they do not. It’s because they stand their ground without getting emotional, they stand for something, and they can have a conversation about it without telling me they’re right. They don’t have to. I usually discover that through the way God uses them. 

So when I started to read the book, Just Mercy by Bryan Stevenson, the tears couldn’t come out of my eyes fast enough. It was a glimpse into my own feelings and struggles with the system, my current struggle to keep up with a system that devours most people and an honest look about fighting for something, that is so much bigger than you could ever be.

Bryan Stevenson is a young black Harvard law graduate who went on to found Equal Justice Initiative, a non-profit devoted to defending poor people on death row in the heart of Alabama. I saw Bryan’s professor Tony Campolo from Eastern Bible College speak at a local event I was writing for, and his story changed my life. Months later I ran head first into this book and remembered the story of a young black attorney from a small bible college who went on to Harvard law. But he didn’t choose to work for a posh firm in New York where he could have made millions. He chose to start his organization in Alabama, defending the most hated men on the planet, because he believed in God and he believed in mercy. People hated him for what he did but he did it anyway, and many innocent men were exonerated and their lives spared as a result of his selfless work.

A quote early on in the book caught my attention and has been sitting in the very pit of my stomach. Bryan’s grandmother told him, “You can’t understand most of the important things from a distance Bryan. You have to get close.” And that set the tone for the book, and for this stage of my life, where often I find myself closer than I ever would want to be.

The book quotes Thomas Merton as saying, “We are bodies of broken bones.” And Bryan asks a poignant and turning point question, “Why do we want to kill all the broken people?” It means more than it says if you take the time to read between the lines.

You need to get and read the book if you are on a search for truth, which is what the book is about. It will change you. It changed me. Bryan gives us so much to think about while showing mercy in a way that I have never seen captured before. He didn’t talk about being Christian in the book, except a few places here and there where he mentions growing up in church and speaking sometimes at churches, but he didn’t have to, Jesus was bleeding all over those pages. 

If we’re gonna be real out here, we need to be honest, and start having some honest dialogue. Maybe I’ll stay, maybe I’ll go. I’m gonna do Christianity the way Jesus is showing me, the only way I know how- real, honest and transparent, being refined in the fire, hurting along the way, but knowing there is someone out there who reads these words and knows they’ve found the truth.

I hope you’ll stay with me on this rocky leg of my journey, as I find myself in the uncharted waters in the boat Jesus is sleeping in. What’s the point of being out here if we’re not exposed? There’s room in the boat for you too if you’re willing to come with me, and maybe take some people with you that you’ve never thought of bringing before.

Till’ next time…