Filters of Hope

We live near the Union Pacific Railroad Tracks.  You can here the train a comin’ throughout the day and the night.  Amtrak comes through on its way to St. Louis or back again.

I just love the sound of the train.  Depending on the atmospheric conditions it can be quite loud or barely noticed.  This morning was interesting.  I heard a sound from outside.  All of our windows are closed but the sound could still be heard.  At first I thought it was a siren.  A tornado siren to be specific.  I knew better because the sky was clear and it was too far away.  Or so it seemed.

As I listened I realized it was the train.  A bit later I heard another sound.  It sounded like an orchestra warming up for their performance.  What?  I listened again and realized it was another train.

A train coming through often is not unusual, but the sounds I thought I heard were.  I got to thinking ( a dangerous pastime, I know).  The normal train whistles were being heard by me through a filter of sorts.  Closed windows mostly and the distance of the train from my house.

How many times do I hear someone say something, whether it be face to face or a video, or the written expression, and I have too many filters up?  Or wrong filters.  Rather than relying fully on Holy Spirit as my filter, I may have any number of filters up.  Perhaps a filter of racial stereotyping.  Or perhaps a filter of gender or lifestyle.  A filter of age or a filter of religion.  Or even a filter of pride.  I’ve done all of these.  Wait.  I’ll be totally honest here…….. I have to constantly check myself if I heard or am hearing with any type of filter that isn’t from God.

I want His filter.  I want to be so aware of Him, as humanly possible, all the time.  Pure, unadulterated Truth.

Clean the ears of my heart, God.  Please.  I want others to hear me purely also.  Maybe I’m overly hopeful ——- what? overly hopeful in the human race?  Is that even possible? I believe there is always hope.  If there isn’t than what are we doing?

May our weekend be full of unsinkable Hope in God.  May you experience His truth in others and in you. 🙂

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Cate B