All life needs love

I read somewhere that a female human being will seek a mate for procreation: strong, powerful of muscle and mind – eye candy with a brain. And yet that same female human being will seek someone different to protect and nurture her children: a keeper, someone solid and caring, someone who will be there for her and their children. The conclusion was that monogamy is a cultural conundrum – that the essence of successful creation requires multiple partners.

I have a different thought. I have a thought that love is the answer – that love changes everything.

So yes,  if the “female” seeks only a sperm donor of orgasm – then love is not a requirement. And yes, if the “male” seeks only a sperm recipient of orgasm – neither need love. Surely that is not the “creation of life”?  Yet – for me – the consequence of orgasm and sharing sperm will have consequences. Not just if birth control statistics come true and creation of life is “the consequence”. But in the very act of that “intimacy of sharing” crossing a line. And how ignoring the crossing will eventually have consequences. Maybe not immediately.

But at some point “it” will not be enough. And hope for “life beyond the line” will be the consequence. And ALL life needs love – even hope.  So the consequence of shared orgasm is life at some point – whether desired as “relationship” or not desired as “a baby” – both are the creation of life without love.  Which may then need “multiple partners” before love is found (along with a growing scepticism of “love”).

I have found that “religious orgasm” with others has consequences. Because whilst there is no sperm sharing, there is “soul sharing” – and as far as I know there is no soul “birth control” available yet.  And when you orgasm on religious faith you will create life. You will create hope that is living – and all living things need loving.  So if the “hallelujahs” are all there is … if the “saving” is all there is … if “Sunday” is all there is … if Love is missing …  how will then hope be nurtured?

And just as bad dating experiences cause disillusionment with “love” – so too bad experiences with religion cause disillusionment with “God”. And just as “all men” become bastards – so too “all religions” become evil.  And just as “they only want to get a ring on my finger” – so too “religion” –  and just as “I have had it with relationships” – so too the age-old “I have had it with God.”

All life needs love.

But we so often make God as fickle and imperfect as we see in each other.  We so often impose our own shortcomings on God (and others who “believe in God”).  We question both – we test both. And – surprise surprise! – BOTH come up short!

I have been through the lust stage. And I looked for the loving. And I found it missing. So I kept on looking. And found it in the most weird of places. I found it in the place God was – and I thought He wasn’t. I had tied God down – I had decided how big He was – I had defined where He was and where He was not – I had imposed ME on god!  Yet He – as unconditional love – would not be bound.  He – as Love – “escaped” my imposition – and He is always “there” before me – always and everywhere.

God does not change.

In my experience He does not go through the lust stage and move on to the love phase. In my own experience unconditional love is constant. And I have learned that unconditional love does not need.  That unconditional love desires – empowers – liberates – allows – All – Always.  Unconditional love does not change.

But I do.

I have changed. I have railed against my Lord. I still do. My real complaint is that God does not need me – God “desires” me. So I cannot test God in the way I can test others: How much do you love me (God)? Show me how much you love me (God)! If you love me (God) – then show me – make life easy – give me good things – stop all the bad things – make everybody’s lives perfect (God)!  And even worse than that – my God never demands that of me either!  My God never rails at me, never tests as I do, never demands as I do, but is constant and always!

The word “affluenza” comes to mind.

A term of privilege. A word which encapsulates the “legitimacy of unawareness” for others. The absence of accountability for ourselves.  Of being brought up in “a bubble” of privilege one’s whole life.  Of an absence of allowing others the same freedom I have – because I never knew they should or could!  Affluenza is the legitimacy of being totally self-centred – to cause harm to others – and that harm not being my fault.

Affluenza is currently being tested in a court of law as a defence against just that.

So …

Is that really the relationship we wish of God for ourselves – to be in this bubble of unaccountability – for all the bad stuff we do to each other – for all the bad stuff anywhere – for it always to be “His fault”?  And what does that say about how we love ourselves – how we love others – before we ever get to “debating God”?

What does that “God” say not about God – but about us?

Church? Is it a building, is it a plane, is it a …

I always remember my father saying how amazing it was. That in the span of his father’s lifetime manned flight for the first time and manned flight to the moon had both happened. From a few tentative feet above ground to orbiting another chunk of the universe. That is truly amazing. We are truly amazing. Each of us.

The (latest) mass shooting in Oregon yesterday was reported here as front page news. We have become familiar with mass shootings in the US. Familiar with the same hackneyed debate. The same well-worn inaction. The belief that sacrifice of a few (or many) on the altar of “freedom” is merely unfortunate. Truly amazing in its incomprehensibility.

Yet the number of people wiped out in driving accidents each year goes by without a murmur. The deaths and injuries bemoaned from time to time, but (essentially) simply a by-product of personal freedom to get from A-B as we wish. Also amazing for the layers of ambiguous thinking in that one.

And then Syria and the Russian involvement. We are doing the same as you. No you are not you are being bad. No we are not – you started it. But we are doing it with love – you are doing it for your own ends. And you are not …. ?

I find the ambiguities, all the duplicity, truly amazing (and very sad).

So much we take for granted. So much amazing stuff we don’t even notice – so much ambiguity we tuck away for when we have time. it is simply “how we live”. The alternative too time-consuming to think about. So we don’t.

Yet when I stop. When I think. We ARE blessed.

Blessed with freedom and choices. So many choices people now need support to cope with the stress of those choices. So much freedom people revert to an ever smaller circle of living to make sense of it all. So much communication technology we are forgetting how to talk to each other as neighbours. We share physical space unwillingly and use our techno-bubbles as insulation from each other. We are truly amazing. Each of us.

And Jesus puts it in context. Always.

“Then he turned to his disciples and said privately, “Blessed are the eyes that see what you see. For I tell you that many prophets and kings wanted to see what you see but did not see it, and to hear what you hear but did not hear it.”” Luke 10:17-24

Jesus’ seventy-two had a new “techie toy”. The power to cast out demons, to heal and the “authority to trample on snakes and scorpions and to overcome all the power of the enemy; nothing will harm you.” They had come back from using their new power. Overjoyed, amazed, buzzing!  In their lifetime they had gone from ordinary dusty peeps to Masters of the Universe! Who ya gonna call … ?

We have that same power right now. We have that same authority right now.

Us “ordinary peeps” with our freedom to stash weapons, our freedom to drive, our freedom to fly, our lifestyle of instant news from anywhere around the globe. A lifestyle of excess and destitution living side by side. A lifestyle where, despite having that power and authority right now, we prefer to focus on airbrushing our own image.

Where we endlessly split hairs of doctrine.  Where we endlessly insist we know best and you do not. And (endlessly) ignore the many lives damaged so badly in the process. Ignoring those who love – not like us … who think – not like us … who pray – not like us … who use labels – just not the “right ones” – not the ones that we use – the ones who are not “us” – the ones who are “them”.

Which is truly amazing (and very sad)!

“Blessed are the eyes that see what you see. For I tell you that many prophets and kings wanted to see what you see but did not see it, and to hear what you hear but did not hear it.”

That is as true today as it was when Jesus uttered those words privately to those few ordinary, unassuming, dusty peeps. He utters those same words today through The Word to you and me.  Which is truly amazing (and really cool)! So what do we do with it?

We argue.

We argue about Church as God and God as Church. We spend our lifetime defining what that means. Arguing over who is right and who is wrong. We fritter away a lifetime, a generation, generations, centuries, millennia … We are good at that!  Debating.  Endlessly debating.  Global warming by endless “hot air” – as damaging to this beautiful planet as all the science of global pillaging.

Church?  Is it a building, is it a plane, is it a …

Does it matter?

Unless we bring a tender, reverent and humble “power and authority” to live Love Unconditionally (from which everything is sourced) … all that power … all that authority … all that “amazing” … Then we are no different to those we arrogantly attempt “to save”.  And if we do bring that live Love Unconditional with us … in us … of us … in and of I Am …

Then there is nothing to left to debate. We are all right.

No wouldn’t that be truly – and wonderfully – amazing!