State of the Union

I have seen a number of these WordPress anniversaries. And I see a lot of reflective “acceptance speeches” in post format.

And then there is this format …

“I know that I am not alone in feeling that there’s something we cannot carry much longer. Everyone has something that they’re bogged down with – whether debt, toxic relationships, addictions in any and all varieties, loss, betrayal, bullying — whatever it is, I hope to be there for you as you have been for me. There is nothing more meaningful than having even one person see you at your most vulnerable, and love you just the same.”

Thank you bbb, the Lord has filled you with as much special stuff as all of us – and to you He has added the gift of making “the special stuff” so very special to share with you!

Thank you!


Well, here we are. One year later.

Last week was my one year anniversary of BBB. My “blogiversary.” (And please read the sarcasm there…I am literally cringing as I type that word.)


I’ve gotta be honest, I didn’t think I was going to do one of “these posts.” You know the type — “Oh my gosh, one year later! Golly Gee Willakers, how time has flown! I’d like to thank the Academy…” Blah. Blah. Blah.


No thank you.

But the more I was thinking about it, I really did want to just push the pause button for a hot sec and reflect on this past year.

When I started this blog, one snowy February night last year, I started writing about a dark time in my life that I was lugging around with me. I don’t think I realized it then, but I really was letting that guilt and…

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How much should a Christian weigh?

What is their ideal weight?  What sort of lifestyle, what supplements, what super-foods?  How much sleep should a Christian take?  What is the recommended number of hours?  How content should a Christian be?  How many hours of prayer – of bible study – of worship – of intercession?  What is the goal of being a Christian? How do I know when I have achieved becoming a Christian – the doing bit I mean – not the being saved bit?

A few people pressed Like on my post (on justmebeingcurious) yesterday: “Love – the consequences” – that was kind, thank you.  And there were names I did not recognise. So I went and had a look at some (do you ever notice how often He draws you to another – another who has something I need to know, to share, to connect with?).

There was one such another who pressed Like (and if it is not you – it is not you “today”).

(I have read a few of these comments and thought “Oh my!” – only to find they never meant me at all)

And what I found was another journey. A really powerful story.  Another walk with another.  Another holding hands with another.  Another warts and all with another.

Their journey is unique – all journeys are.  And their journey has a beginning – all journeys do.  And beautybeyondbones asked me to start at the beginning of her journey. So I did.  She is right.  Every  journey should start at the beginning.

Because beautybeyondbones has written a love story.

Almost every journey is when you look for love.  And even though the tag is Anorexia – just like every tag or label – it is simply a neat scratch, a tidy box – inside which is a universally misunderstood person.

Yet as I walked the first parts of “anorexia” with bbb – GSHJ whispered that odd question:

How much should a Christian weigh?

And suddenly the label of “anorexia” became universal.  It became my mirror – with me looking back – at me.  Because even though my tag/label is different – even though my journey is different steps – despite all of that: Love Stories ALWAYS connect.

And maybe because the tag/label “Christian” also hides a “universally misunderstood person”.  One that is their own love story.  Their own warts and all.  And because – maybe – if that tag/label is all that I am – if I am not misunderstood at all … then whose definition of that tag/label have I adopted – and why?

So as beautybeyondbones asks – if you wish to share this journey of love –  please begin with bbb at her beginning.

Here it is:

“Read This First” 

Thank you.