How much should a Christian weigh?

What is their ideal weight?  What sort of lifestyle, what supplements, what super-foods?  How much sleep should a Christian take?  What is the recommended number of hours?  How content should a Christian be?  How many hours of prayer – of bible study – of worship – of intercession?  What is the goal of being a Christian? How do I know when I have achieved becoming a Christian – the doing bit I mean – not the being saved bit?

A few people pressed Like on my post (on justmebeingcurious) yesterday: “Love – the consequences” – that was kind, thank you.  And there were names I did not recognise. So I went and had a look at some (do you ever notice how often He draws you to another – another who has something I need to know, to share, to connect with?).

There was one such another who pressed Like (and if it is not you – it is not you “today”).

(I have read a few of these comments and thought “Oh my!” – only to find they never meant me at all)

And what I found was another journey. A really powerful story.  Another walk with another.  Another holding hands with another.  Another warts and all with another.

Their journey is unique – all journeys are.  And their journey has a beginning – all journeys do.  And beautybeyondbones asked me to start at the beginning of her journey. So I did.  She is right.  Every  journey should start at the beginning.

Because beautybeyondbones has written a love story.

Almost every journey is when you look for love.  And even though the tag is Anorexia – just like every tag or label – it is simply a neat scratch, a tidy box – inside which is a universally misunderstood person.

Yet as I walked the first parts of “anorexia” with bbb – GSHJ whispered that odd question:

How much should a Christian weigh?

And suddenly the label of “anorexia” became universal.  It became my mirror – with me looking back – at me.  Because even though my tag/label is different – even though my journey is different steps – despite all of that: Love Stories ALWAYS connect.

And maybe because the tag/label “Christian” also hides a “universally misunderstood person”.  One that is their own love story.  Their own warts and all.  And because – maybe – if that tag/label is all that I am – if I am not misunderstood at all … then whose definition of that tag/label have I adopted – and why?

So as beautybeyondbones asks – if you wish to share this journey of love –  please begin with bbb at her beginning.

Here it is:

“Read This First” 

Thank you.