Stuff of young people

Young People – to boldly go where experience or age means you are “young” (and find community)!

We all have a “self-image” :- how “I look in the mirror” … how “I think of myself”.  So “Young” is YOUR definition, eg “I am a young Christian” (whatever that means!) … “I am young at heart” (no matter my age) … “I dare not ask these questions” (people will think I should know) …

“Young” is not a number … it’s a mindset 🙂




And why not? That’s how He and me have grown together!  My God is big enough for any question.  Unconditional love has no fear.  He has no fear.  Nor have I in Him.


God Soft Hands Jesus and you … ?


Bridge Ministries: A UK website of resources for “young people” and “youth workers” (same thoughts on “young” as above):  click here for their website 


(more added as you ask and He finds)


If you “find” – let me know.  Thank you.
(Your email address is for this conversation only. Nothing else.  Relationship is trust.) 

Thoughts and questions are precious ...

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