Stop Volunteering!

“Outside of the Christian faith volunteering is a noble act that is not a part of our normal responsibilities. Volunteering is done to help a cause that cannot function unless someone comes forward to fill certain roles. The volunteer is considered such a blessing that anything they do is applauded even if it is not done well or is not complete. The volunteer has nothing to lose and everything to gain because just showing up is rewarded with praise.”

A thought provoking read!

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Live 4 Him

There isn’t a pastor or church leader out there that has read this title and hasn’t thought to themselves, “how can we stop people at our church from reading this post?” Short of crashing the internet or stealing your fellow Christ follower’s internet enabled devices you can’t guarantee that people won’t come across this post. If you are willing to continue reading you may even find yourself encouraging them to do so.

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A Nickel short and a Day Late

316 words is all this post is. I checked twice. Because in just 316 words, TF brings something profound I rarely hear and see.

We ARE enough!

See what you think 316 words from now …



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Hard Times Ministries

Try as we might, isn’t this really how we come across to other people and in the end we are forced to admit that ‘We are only human’?

And by declaring our humanness we actually build-in an excuse not to be able to perform to perfection.

I have said this time and again:  “Give it all you got and it will be enough.”

Heck:  this may not even be true, but it is enough in terms of what we can do.  The Lord, I believe wants us to give it our all.

Think about:

The times you said too much, yet didn’t really know what to say

The times you really didn’t know what to do

The times when you wish you could have un-done what you did.

The times when all seems insane

The times when you’d wish that God would whisper in your ear for instruction

And the…

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When Numbers Don’t Count

Pastor Jones is the type of man who never believed in numbers but found the way for you to count.”

I paused on that sentence. Had to run it around my head a few times. And is the reason for reblogging TF’s post. It is profound. Just like his post. Why not see if you agree.

Thank you.


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Hard Times Ministries

Some years ago, I lived with a minister, Pastor Walter T. Jones in his small church, a faithful congregation of about 12-17 members.

Pastor Jones had ministered to his flock for over 7 years.  His bed consisted of two chairs and a telephone book for a pillow of which we slept in the one room that housed his church.

Most nights, collections for offerings were about $3.00 and then again, from time to time, people from the streets would walk in:  all with special needs, of either food or transportation.

Criticism mounted over the years that his church didn’t grow.  Yet, time and time again, I saw this man preach and pastor to people, people who desperately needed assistance from the church.

Many would see this ministry as a failure.  I witnessed it as a huge success for all the attendees were people I know good and well would not…

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“Break your habit of sweeping your clutter under a rug and acting like you’ve got your life together. (Do any of us really have our lives together?)

My name is Jessica Gardner and I’m a messy person.”

Love it!


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A few years ago, I landed in Turkey around midnight. I arrived at my friends’ apartment about an hour later. All I had with me was a backpack full of clothes and a jet-lagged mind. Everyone was sleeping when I arrived, so I took a quick shower and crashed on the couch in the living room. At 6 a.m., I woke up to “Jess! You’re here!!” and “Jess….your stuff is everywhere!” I opened my eyes and saw my friend, as well as my belongings strewn all throughout the living room. Phone chargers on the wooden table, a jacket on the bookcase, my backpack in the middle of the floor, and socks everywhere- it looked like a tornado had gone through the room. And, spoiler: the tornado was me.

If you know me at all, you know that I’m a little messy. I don’t have a lot of things, but those…

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Dancing in Spanish Harlem

I have had a few birthdays. I know the routine. Decade ones are extra effort all round. In-betweenies are much the same – great fun and special (give or take a few giggles here and a few less giggles there).

Bu I have never written this about any birthday:

“We didn’t speak the same language, but we did speak music. We did speak joy.”

BBB does. Even on her own very special day BBB connects with something that draws me in (and a big bunch of others!). So here is her birthday post. Why not see if she draws you in?


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So yesterday was my birthday 🙂

And I’ll tell you what…if there’s one thing I took away from the day, aside from how special friends and loved ones are, it’s how infinitely beautiful and diverse the culture is in NYC.

Indulge me for a moment.

Yesterday was one of those days that literally goes on forever. I kid you not, I think I saw just about every walk of life in one afternoon.

My friend and I went to The Cloisters – which is a monastery-turned MET art gallery way up in Washington Heights, where we heard probably 5 different languages from the myriad of European tourists taking in our *culture.*

The rest of the day consisted of a walk through The Bronx, getting lost in Spanish Harlem, happy hour at a Puerto Rican bar in Harlem, dinner at an uppity/cross-fit/health nut/vegan place downtown in Greenwich Village, drinks at a…

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I have learnt that….Öğrendim ki….

Maybe we can all be Set Free with words like these.



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By changing our thinking,
We change our beliefs;

When we change our beliefs,
We change our expectations;

When we change our expectations,
We change our attitude;

When we change our attitude,
We change our behavior;

When we change our behavior,
We change our performance;

When we change our performance,
We change our life;

Life is like a book of three pages — first page is ‘birth’, last page is ‘death’, center page is ’empty’, it is up to us how we fill our page.

Hayat üç sayfalık bir kitap gibidir — ilk sayfa ‘doğum’, son sayfa ‘ölüm’ dür. Orta sayfa ‘boş’, sayfamızı nasıl doldurduğumuz bize bağlı.

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The one where I don’t give up my oyster card…

I bumped into “BrunetteKoala” (or “From the Koala Tree”) through a comment under another lovely blog post by Mark Myers –

And – as sometimes I do – browsing the first few blog posts at “brunette’s place” turned into a good old read and click to follow her blog. Here is why …

There is much written about global politics and the “war on terror”.  But I think “brunette” captures something very special. Something very good. Something of what I know my God wishes for us all. Something universal and timeless. Something too good not to share.

And I hope you agree ((hugs))


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From The Koala Tree

So it’s fair to say that’s it’s been a rough couple of weeks for the UK. And I have to say that I’m so thankful to live in a country with decent gun control laws.

“Terrorism” has been something I’ve been aware of all my life. We were dealing with it long before September 11th 2001 before a certain American made it purely to be synonymous with “Islam”. Some of my earliest memories are of the Lockerbie bombing on the news and being evacuated from shopping centres because of IRA bomb threats. My friends who grew up in Northern Ireland have even more memories of what “terrorism” meant. Bombs and checkpoints were just part of daily life there for a long time.

I saw on social media before news officially broke that something had happened in Manchester. My friend posted a warning telling everyone to stay out the city centre because…

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