Inside the Ark- rather icky

“If we were to progress through all the ‘bad God’ episodes in the Scripture then we would discover a god who appears to order or countenance all manner of Ethnocide, genocide, war, infanticide, murder, rape and onward.”

The “elephant in the room”: a “bad god.”

Or you might to walk with Brother Francis-Clare who writes with the clarity and humour of confidence there is no “bad god” and here is why.

Personally I find these posts valuable. Because they are not of the teaching I had as a young (or old) churchgoer.

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Just me being curious

Before we pop inside,let’s look back as to why we are in here – did God really do this?

noahtermite Attribution Carl D’Agostino

This is  the continuation of those hard things we find in the bible, again part of a myth a very powerful story. How can we believe that Our Heavenly Father who declared all things good is about to annihilate all living things by suffocation and drowning. ( See Rashi commentary at Noes Ark 1 – the herald angels the previous post.

If we were to progress through all the ‘bad God’ episodes in the Scripture then we would discover a god who appears to order or countenance all manner of Ethnocide, genocide, war, infanticide, murder, rape and onward. That is the reason behind the references to “Stories’ here, they were written for reasons mostly having nothing to do with God but  humans, Historians and Priests, justifying the…

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The Trout of Doubt

Over at a blog called “The Undercover Christian” there is a fishing yarn …

The Trout of Doubt

“Let’s blow the lid on this, and suggest a startling idea – all Christians are sitting somewhere on a spectrum of doubt at any one time.  At one end is the conviction that God does not exist and it’s all a load of nonsense, and at the other is a wild-eyed, near-psychotic conviction that God is more real that Burger King.

And nobody is ever at either extreme.  Even self-described atheists have a part of them that thinks “but what if…?” (and they wouldn’t be very good scientists if they didn’t).  Instead, in response to the factors acting on us at any one time, we slide along this spectrum throughout our lives.  We might move in either direction, by an inch or a mile, over several years or in the space of a day.  In essence, all Christians are in a greater or lesser state of worry that they might be wrong, the whole time.  All people are, whether they’re religious or not.”

For some reason the reblog button ain’t there, so this a link to a fab post:

Doubt is okay!

Head over and see what you think – I did!




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Superstitions of Christians (Some are really funny)

Tom has a habit of asking questions. He has a way of saying stuff. The stuff that makes you look in the mirror and see yourself more clearly. And most all, Tom does that with affection.

That is a precious gift.



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Hard Times Ministries

I’ve heard many people believe that nothing should sit on top of a Bible.  It had to be laid down with face up and alone in the home.  Of course, no writing of comments in margins or underlining allowed.

Some in prayer believe if you call upon the ‘blood’ of Jesus that He likes those prayers more and thus, is more apt to answer.

Most of us still repeat “God Bless you.” After we sneeze.

You dare not curse inside the building of the House of God (As if God doesn’t hear you outside the building).

Many believe you can meet a good girl or guy at Church when really, the church is a house of sinners the same as in a bar or other secular place.

Many still believe you have to dress up to impress God at church.  Wow.  I could never get over this one as surely…

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Crossing a Threshold

“Smiley for Kylie is a non-profit dedicated to finding a cure for childhood cancer.”

What has this got to do with Church?

Well if church is people not bricks – and if people are living not dead – then living people connect in love, hope, sadness, and very emotion going. Church is inclusive of all, not just hymns and prayers and sermons.

Mark Meyer is living. His Smiley for Kyile is living. And Smiley for Kylie is founded on more love than I have a right to touch from so far away. And I hope you will be touched too.

I hope you will share this love you are now connected to with others in your own life, and that they will be connected with your love and this love and that they will share it with their family and friends, and so on and so on …

Love connects and love lives. And love is not just for Christmas.

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A Generous Helping

Smiley for Kylie is a non-profit dedicated to finding a cure for childhood cancer. The mission was not hard to decide upon because it was exactly what Kylie told us to do before she died: cure childhood cancer. I am excited to say that we just crossed a threshold. Since Kylie was diagnosed in April of 2014, her impact has now driven over $100,000 into childhood cancer research.

Our little non-profit ended 2017 with a flurry of giving that took us to $111,000!

I am blown away by the generosity and hard work of family, friends, and people who never even met Kylie. Kylie’s family would also like to thank our Board of Directors who support us in everything we do. We love giving away money to fund research and I would like to share a little backstory that will help explain what guided our decisions.

When Kylie was diagnosed…

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Stop Volunteering!

“Outside of the Christian faith volunteering is a noble act that is not a part of our normal responsibilities. Volunteering is done to help a cause that cannot function unless someone comes forward to fill certain roles. The volunteer is considered such a blessing that anything they do is applauded even if it is not done well or is not complete. The volunteer has nothing to lose and everything to gain because just showing up is rewarded with praise.”

A thought provoking read!

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Live 4 Him

There isn’t a pastor or church leader out there that has read this title and hasn’t thought to themselves, “how can we stop people at our church from reading this post?” Short of crashing the internet or stealing your fellow Christ follower’s internet enabled devices you can’t guarantee that people won’t come across this post. If you are willing to continue reading you may even find yourself encouraging them to do so.

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I am convicted!

“And I am convicted.”

Why do I never hear this word other than in “church speak” … ?

And why does church-speak seem to make that statement its very own evidence?

“I am convicted so I am right/it is right/we are right.  And you should be convicted too.   If you search your heart I know that you too will be convicted.   I have the proof – my proof is that I am convicted.  So just why isn’t that proof enough for you?”

an unshakable belief in something without need for proof or evidence

“And I am conviction-ed.”

an unshakable belief
without need for proof or evidence

Is it just me – this use of “church speak” to make “an unshakable belief without need for proof or evidence” into a good thing simply because it is “church-speak” which means it is “all the proof we need” in holding an unshakeable belief (that requires no proof) –

Or does anyone else find that just a little scary?



Sin no more


Do those who have been saved weigh less than those not?
When I have been knowingly bad do I put on lbs?
Is confession like doing weight watchers?
Is forgiveness having a detox?


I was raised on the spiritual food groups.  Bible.  Church.  Sin.  Seems to me, looking back, that is a very frugal diet for a young man with appetites.


Do those who have been saved look thinner than those not?
When I have been knowingly bad do I get flabby?
Is confession like doing weight watchers?
Is forgiveness having a detox?


I thought love was smiling at everyone.  I thought love was chatting to everyone.  I thought love was something God did to us.  Because I never knew what love was at all.


When I was saved did I look heavier before?
When I have been knowingly good am I thin?


As I journey I have less and less interest in sin.  Sin bores me.  Sin distracts me.  Sin has become a label for something I no longer understand.  For something I am told I must.


Is confession like doing weight watchers?
Is forgiveness having a detox?


Sin no more, Jesus said.  Cured and “sin no more”.  And I wonder … What if he meant it?  What if “sin no more” was: sin “no more”?  What if I … sin “no more”?  What if I am free … “of sin”?


Confession is good for the soul
But confession of what.
Confession for who?


What if we would not let go of sin – just so that we didn’t have to love?
What if:  “You are cured and can only love”, we didn’t get on with?
What if heaven is now, and what if … we chose hell?


We seem to want to see a lifetime of suffering.
We seem to wish it upon ourselves.


You are cured and can sin no more.

Would leave so much more room for love.