Like Mother, Like Daughter

“Because we’re all recovering from something.”

I have reblogged posts by Beauty Beyond Bones, BBB, before.

Here is why:

And I was sitting in my little chair, looking at the painting, letting Jesus’ face make an impression on me, when my mom came in and sat next to me.

“You know the story behind this painting, right?”

And, truthfully, I didn’t. I know we got it a long time ago, but I just figured my mom’s bible study class gifted it to her as an end-of-year teacher gift.

BBB’s full post is worth reading.


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Have you ever been just drawn to something?

And I’m not talking the bakery case at the grocery store. Or the shoe department at Nordstrom.


I’m talking, a soul pull. A spirit attraction.

Ever since I’ve been home during my mom’s stroke recovery, I’ve discovered a little place in our house that I keep finding myself sitting in. Just ending up there.

It’s a little sitting area in front of the fire place, and focal point of this nook is a beautiful painting of Jesus. It’s called the image of the Divine Mercy. Perhaps you’ve heard of it.

But I’ll often find myself sitting, just looking into the eyes of Jesus in this painting.

Now, to be honest, I’ve never really considered myself a “religious art person.” I mean, I think it’s beautiful and great for, say, a church, but I don’t know. I’ve just never really given it much contemplation.

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Unsure where to go? To the last place where God met you

“I had hoped my call as a Christian writer might lead me to “bigger and better” things. I saw my secular career as something I wanted to let go of, someplace God could never use. I thought that this placement was not intentional by God, that there was something “bigger” out there for me. So he let me leave my life behind and try a different life, the one I had envisioned in my dreams. He didn’t leave me, He just stayed quietly by me.”

If you know Melissa you will know she is beautifully vulnerable.  She writes stuff so many only think. So many fearful of what others might think (and even say back).

And they have “said back” to Melissa – as she acknowledges.  And yet …

You really should read the whole post.


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A Love that Lets Go

Part of me is jealous of Caralyn. Because she nails with such simplicity and tenderness what I struggle to describe. Unconditional love. And God. A real living relationship with something beyond my words.

Have a read and see what you think. And comments are open here. Because love is everwhere.

Thank you.


I’ve spent a lot of time recently in my own head. Today marks the three month mark since my mom’s stroke, and there have been a lot of ups and a lot of downs.

And I’m learning a lot.

And honestly, I’m learning a lot about God’s love for us.

We’ve reached the stage in my mom’s recovery where…there’s a frustration within her about how things aren’t back to normal. And a gripping desperation for autonomy.

And I’m going to be really honest, being in my position, as her grown daughter, having come home to be her “sidekick” as I call it – there’s a really delicate balance of how much help is too much help. I want to assist her so that life runs smoothly, but I don’t want her to feel like a child or that I’m belitting her or discrediting her capabilities or contributions. And I’m finding…

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Are We Connecting On The Same Level?

There is a saying: “Preach the gospel always and where necessary use words.”

I think Agent X has given me and you a great example of this.

See what you think.

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Fat Beggars School of Prophets

Do you know that insurance ad where they show two people in two completely different scenarios using the exact same words to express almost opposite meanings?

What happens when we read the Bible (same words) and interpret it differently?

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Tipsy Typing

Tipsy typing!

How many of us – me included – have the courage to type that at the top of a post?

So what follows was particularly touching and vulnerable – in the most wonderful way. And entwined within the vulnerability is God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit – whatever your name for your God.

And if you want topical – then Caralyn even links it to Lent.

Please read this. If you are unchanged afterwards, please let me know.

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Thank you –



I’m writing this post after two vodka/sodas.

And if you know anything about me, then you know…I am properly pissed.



I actually have never written a tipsy blog post before. Believe it or not, even the Feminism post was written stone cold sober.

Stone Cold Steve Austin…I wonder what that dude is up to now…


Welp, apparently he’s doing a reality TV show now, called Redneck Island and just bought a mini mansion in Marina Del Ray. Shocker there…

Anyway. Enough about wrestling.

I just want to get married before I get smile lines.

I heard my three year old niece talk about her future husband today….that made me feel pretty…oh, I don’t know…like a spinster cat lady.

I looked at her and said, “Yeah, Aunt Caralyn needs to find a husband too.

It’s kind of the running joke in my family, actually. My sister-in-law is…

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What’s Your Story?

“We are all living a story.
I believe stories have power. I believe that a good story, well-told can change the world.
There are five basic elements that a story must contain:

Mark Myers writes stories of great power. Each time I read one I am changed. If I had to analyse why it would most likely prevent the goodness in each story seeping into mine.

I think we all need to know good story-tellers. I think we are all good story-tellers. We each have the power to change. How we change is down to each one of us.

Have a read of Mark’s story. I guarantee you will not be disappointed.

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A Generous Helping

When I was a boy, I was big. Despite my size, I had great hands and a good arm. But none of that mattered when I put on my helmet and shoulder pads because the coach only saw big. I got in line with the boys trying out for quarterback and wide receiver, but he moved me to the offensive line and told me that the only time I got to touch the ball was if there was a fumble. And if there was a fumble, I was only allowed to fall on the ball – never, ever, never, ever, never try to pick it up.

Note the discontented #63 who is not #12 or #88

I remember one game, we were losing late and the coach called a screen to my side of the field. The play developed and I ran ahead to block. I don’t know what happened behind me…

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Question: What Does Church Do For The World That NO OTHER Group, Institution, Company or Nation Can???

What Does Church Do For The World That no Other Group, Institution, Company or Nation Can?

Over at Agent X’s place there is a wonderful conversation.

What does Church do that nothing else can?

I have never been asked to answer that question. I have always accepted that God is Church is Church is God. God and Church are almost interchangeable (not really – but you know what I mean).

Agent X asked the question and I find myself drawn into a conversation of connection getting deeper by the comment. I find myself wondering why I have never asked myself the same question ever before. And I find myself struggling to find answers that make sense. And then I find myself being given words that make sense but come from elsewhere.

I invite you to have a look at what might be the most grounding conversation you will have. Because I am finding out that I love church. And I never knew I did – not until Agent X allowed my God – his God – our God – to allow Me in me to roam free.

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Fat Beggars School of Prophets

Snapshot 1 Calendar attempt 1

Please read this, consider it, and offer an answer.

I am a churchman.  I believe Jesus when he says, “On this rock I build my church and the gates of hell will not prevail against it!” (Matt. 16:18).

Now… we might argue over the meaning of all, or any part of, that statement.  And in arguing at that level, we might illuminate features that go normally unseen (even by me).  But I have no desire to argue that Jesus said it, that he meant it, or whether he might or might not be wrong about it.  No.  I will take that much at face value.  This is the word of God for us.  We must accept it.

But here’s the thing: I know LOTS of people who “do not believe in organized religion”, who say – “Give me Jesus; keep your church”, and practically every Christian in the world today…

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