Being number #1

Jesus had a connection with children. We would be suspicious of that today I think.

Avery is a growing child. The daughter of someone I love like a sister. Avery writes with clarity and simplicity. It reminds me of me before I made everything complicated. And then spent the following decades unpicking it all to reclaim clarity and simplicity. I think that’s what Jesus sees in children – clarity and simplicity. It makes “the greatest of these” easy-peasy.

So Avery, with Melissa’s permission and oversight, if you want to join the (mostly absent) Church Set Free list of authors – please let me know and I will make it happen.

I think Jesus was on to something 🙂

Thank you Avery.

Meditations for Kids

Hi I am Avery, Melissa’s other daughter. I would like to share with you about kindness and your part in the world.

I think everyone can show kindness. A lot of people find it hard to show it. For most people it is hard because they either have stress, anger or just are not in the right mood. Well just so you know, everyone feels the same way at times. We are all human beings with feelings. Just because you are in a bad mood does not mean you still can’t show kindness. Actually showing kindness puts you in a better mood. Let’s say you are mad at someone, after if you apologize and be kinder to that person it puts you and them in a better mood. It is a win-win! You don’t always have to be perfect though, everyone makes mistakes,. You just have to try your best…

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4 thoughts on “Being number #1

  1. Oh Paul yes what a great idea! When I went to create the second site for meditations only the girls hijacked it before I could even write one word. Who knew how stupid I was… to think I knew more than the simplicity of a child. He always knows better.
    It’s been hard for me to come back since Susan passed. I really miss her, her love and her spirit. I miss talking to her and her encouragement and just her way of understanding me. And I was so sad that I never had the chance to say goodbye.
    Each of you in church set free are so precious to me. Yes you are my brother. And I am crying tears of joy as I have just been away too long…
    Avery will be so happy you asked and maybe that is just what we need. The perspective of a ten year old. Love to you my friend and big hugs.

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