It’s just no one can see it anymore




Over at justmebeingcurious today …

“Love conquers death.  Love conquers a hard-heart.  Love’s the first and last thing we each know – whether by love’s presence OR by love’s absence.”

As we say at Church Set Free: Love is always the answer.


“When were you last at confession?  When were you last at church?  When did you last read the bible?  When did you last pray to God the Father?  When did you last give?  When did you last … “

As we say in church.




This Sunday, why not spend a few minutes with



Dearly beloved …

As we gather here today …




Thank you,




One thought on “It’s just no one can see it anymore

  1. Let us remember those who are no longer with us
    Let us give thanks for their lives’ among us, for the legacy left to us.
    Let not their Passing diminish them rather open wide our hearts for we love them.
    In the name of the Almighty one, our God who walks the earth is with us.

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