My real world meeting my virtual world

Dear All

I have been in hiding.

I have been away from my virtual world.

Slipping and sliding and getting stuck knee deep in the boggy real world mud…

I have been in hiding.

I have been away from my real world.

Jumping from the hamster wheel of work, voluntary work, exhausted sleep and constant connectedness…

I have had a reprieve in the form of a gynaecological operation.

It has given me a chance to stop, rest up, take stock and just be…

For four weeks…

And this is where I have found myself.

Back in my virtual world and contemplating my real world.

Please may I introduce you both to each other…

My virtual world… please meet my real world….

Vision of the Future

And in time, I will also introduce you the other way around…

I hope we find things in common.

If we do, it don’t think it is much to do with me, more the One that loves me.

Much love and many blessings

Julia x

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