Finding the right church



All my life it seems like I have been told that all “you need to do is to find the right church” …

And I have a car and enough money to fill it with petrol.

And if my priorities were in the right order I shouldn’t have a problem with driving miles to find my right church.

In other words, if I love God enough to actually (and in reality) follow Him …

Then I should be prepared to give Him my driving-finding-time in order to “find Him” where I need to be “met and never left unchanged”.



Something in that thinking and confident teaching always seemed wrong to me.  And I could never verbalise why.








Where is my home, justmebeingcurious

Home and us has been a journey. 

And I have come to realise “home” is very simple.

… … …

And that’s where my “home” is. 

And that’s why I have struggled with “church”.



Why not have a look and see if you have found the right church yet.

Thank you –






Thoughts and questions are precious ...

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