We all travel if we allow



Few of us really and truly follow our dreams.  Too scary.  Too uncompromising.  Too much having to give up too much.

Usually “control” as we like to kid ourselves.



Our son and his girlfriend are in Canada.

Saved for a year.  Gave it all up.  Took enough clothes for every season.  Blagged a business-class seat across there.  Bought a van.  And now adopted a dog (very unplanned!).



We have watched their journey with love and affection.

We have no control.  All we can do is share their journey.  With love.

All we can do is to share their journey in instant texts, video calls, emails …

And then this …


“The Worst Thing About Vanlife”

“But most of the time you’re all of these things at once because not having to work and having to travel is you as a human in your most raw, vulnerable position: fragile and welcoming, high-strung and excited.”


I love “travelling”.

We all “travel” if we allow.




Thoughts and questions are precious ...

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