What does “We need builder-uppers” really mean?



“I have come to realise that many Christians question much that is taught (and written) in and of the bible but … privately. “ 


“Needing to know the bible”


“My bible teaching started young with The Nice Bits.   Even “The Most Important Bit” is  airbrushed beyond recognition.   Being “washed in blood” has only ever been (and remains) a gratuitous-gore-fest-of-senseless-killing … unless it is The Story of The Cross.”


“Bigging-up the bible” has to be done in the right way, or else it is “knocking the bible”.   And then we open up that “we have enough criticisers” – we need “builder-uppers”.   And – of course – the qualified-in-God “facts” of what God and Jesus actually meant by sin and saved – all the “correct” (builder-upper) bible stuff.


“Being scripturally correct … The devil does it … atheists do it … Christians do it … we ALL do it … We ALL screw with the bible.  And yet the bible remains The Way.”


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“Needing to know the bible”  – justmebeingcurious

.Might not be what you expect.

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4 thoughts on “What does “We need builder-uppers” really mean?

  1. Ok, this is how I think of it and I want to share…..your parents meet, and your dad goes off to war and writes love letters to your mom. They correspond and begin to talk about the children they hope to have and will love. They talk about how they will love you when you are born. You find these letters, and read them – the bible are these letters….cherish them, you bet.

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    • Thank you. I have heard the bible compared to many things. A family album. A series of journeys. The growth of a person/country/race.

      I wonder if it stays the same but we change. We see the bible differently as we journey. Like your beautiful imagery, like my it’s all about fearless un-needy love.

      Thank you again – I am left wondering again after your sharing why we “need” the bible to be “correct” – so “unchanging”.


  2. “Thank you again – I am left wondering again after your sharing why we “need” the bible to be “correct” – so “unchanging”.”

    You know I wasn’t sure where the topic was meant to be directed, so, I do thank you for this guidance to this question.

    I do believe the Bible is “correct” whether I “need” it to be or not, just as 2+ 2 equals 4 and is “correct” regardless of my personal opinions.

    Through my understanding of math principles, I know the equation is correct or true. Through God’s Grace, I know the Bible is correct or true and just as I know the math equation is “unchanging” – 2 + 2 will always equal 4 until the end of time, I know that the Bible, not unlike the math equation, is also unchanging and true until the end of time. And, yet, there is one way the truth set forth in the Bible can be “reinterpreted” or in a sense, changed.

    My being a Roman Catholic, I also believe that our Holy Church speaking through the Vicar of Christ, Pope Francis, can be inspired by the Holy Spirit to add guidance as to how to apply our Holy Scriptures to the demands and questions of the ages that follow and that we live in presently.

    I do believe, then, the bible can be both correct and changing, as long as the change is accomplished through the inspiration by the Holy Spirit as expressed from the Chair of Peter.

    Would love to know your thoughts….





    • Thank you.

      Someone once invited me into a rose garden. And then showed me a single rose. And then a single flower. And then a single petal. And suggested I slowly walk around that single rose and flower and petal – seeing it from every angle and direction – how the changing light changed the colours and shading – how the details blossomed – how the “rose” became more than a “rose” as I became more than a passing passer-by.

      That is what I mean when I say we shouldn’t need the bible to be static and unchanging – even though it is – because we aren’t static and unchanging. We are in that “rose garden” simply by being alive – our focus and beliefs will change as we live – they should change as we live – as we experience new things, new people, new “stuff”. And if they don’t then perhaps it is because we need “static and unchanging”. Except meeting each where they are requires an open mind and a desire to be changed. Just like the bible.

      As for the inspiration of the Holy Spirit – that too (like the bible) changes as I change. I wrote this three years ago: “I wish God spoke to me” (https://justmebeingcurious.com/2016/03/01/i-wish-god-spoke-to-me/) and some of the references in that post go back three more years. And has loads of stuff I was never taught in church: God Soft Hands Jesus rocking up as Batman … a clanking loom chugging out words … and sensations … and conversations and “transcripts” …

      Now (at this point) for me it is more of a holistic sensation – that miniscule glance – intuiting a fractional eyebrow – a tightness of the stomach – an instant “knowing” …

      And yet nothing has changed other than me.

      Which is why I am now uncomfortable with absolutes other than love without condition. Absolutes of a binary option of correctness (or not) – of being right (or wrong) of the scriptural certainty I hear preached time and time again … of there being “one way” and only one way … of having to agree with the unspoken (and spoken) “rules” to be accepted – to fit in – to be “one of us” … to be the “all are welcome” (just so long as you are one of us) correctness.

      And then …

      Just as a gardener allows the soil, the climate, the seasons, the seedlings, the bugs and birds – allows “the whole” to be – to change … Perhaps that comes closest to how I now see this faith and belief thing.

      Because – when all is said and done – belief is belief. And what I believe changes. 🙂


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