Give your mum a hug



“Mothers are human-beings just like me – just like you.  Mothers doubt … cry … rage … question … grieve … get tired … do their best not to show it.

Mothers know the very thing they create will leave them even as this scrap of life is  ejected so painfully from their very wombs.  Mothers are reminded monthly of their role in creation … in the order of things.  Mothers not yet mothers know this too.  And yet “mothers” are supposed to love-without-condition always and for ever.”


A mother knows ALL this


“Every mother I have ever known is made of steel.

THAT is love without condition.  THAT is a mother.

A mother stronger than her creations.  A mother more determined than the most focused of her creations.  A mother who knows that love means letting go.  Means setting free.  Means so much more than a card once a year.  A meal-out fitted in to a busy schedule.  A bunch of cut flowers helpfully made easy by the flower industry.”


A mother knows ALL this


“Love is always the answer … now what’s your question?”



Thoughts and questions are precious ...

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