Stop emphasizing guilt








Understanding The New Apathy About Church Attendance

“For example, while scrolling through my Facebook feed last weekend, I came across multiple posts with sarcastic takes on how sad/interesting/ridiculous it is that people can get up early for a sale at Walmart or to sit on freezing seats for a sporting event, but they can’t get up for church on Sunday.

Oh my.

There are so many things wrong with that kind of thinking I hardly know where to start.”

And this …

“Church attendance or non-attendance is a less accurate measure of someone’s commitment level or spiritual maturity than we’ve convinced ourselves it is.”

Or this …

“That’s what we need to do.

Stop emphasizing guilt about church attendance.  Start emphasizing the joy of belonging.”

Karl Vaters, Christianity Today









3 thoughts on “Stop emphasizing guilt

  1. This is not new, church attendance goes up and down. In the 1920’s-30’s attendance was very poor, it received a revival at the start of communism. It was seriously down during the “Age of Enlightenment”, now during its revival, it is dropping again. “Intelligent people” (and socialists) don’t think they need God, and tend to berate those who do. God gets in the way of living the lifestyles they prefer.


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