If there wasn’t any Christianity – 2

“You mentioned children earlier.  Are you responsible for them and their actions?  Children who are mid-life adults.  Adults with their own homes, own partners, own children …  Are you telling me that is how it is for you?

No.  I am not responsible for their decisions or actions – even if they like to blame me from time to time – even if they sometimes see me in them in a good way (usually not!).  But …”

How can I be talking to God and discussing “no Christianity”?  Doesn’t that mean I am talking to myself – because if I am talking to God there must be Christianity?

“I would say that even in this there is no right and wrong answer, no black or white definitive one way.  I would say that for all the flaws and assumptions, all the trying to do right and still doing wrong, for this recycled and cyclical spinning in a very similar place generation after generation …  You have the absolute right to figure this out for yourselves.”

Pull up and seat and pour yourself a cuppa … join in if you want …


Thank you.


Just me being curious



Continued …

And that is also a pile of poo.


Because we take one thing and make it everything.  We take the one thing of “predators” and make it the everything of “fear”.  Yes, there are predators out there.  But they are the minority.  And if we don’t live with that fact – then we will become predators simply because we believe everyone is out to eat us alive.  We become fearful predators and chew others up because we are fearful predators. Confident predators – the “one thing” – eat when they are hungry – chasing prey takes energy. Fearful predators – the “everything” – don’t have that “confident” in them – so they snap at everything out of fear of the “everything”.

And me?

And you as well.  You are “one thing” and we make you the “everything”.  You are the “Did you say thank you…

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