What if there is no cross?

“All of this is in my head.

You mean you are The Creator?  🙂

Now that thought wasn’t in my head!  🙂 ”


All conversations come to plateau – a pause.  Not that the conversation has ended.  More that it needs to breathe.


“And the alternative?

Same bible – same teaching – different outcome (as we discussed) … “


Breathing is drawing-in and exhaling-out.  There has been much breathing-in during this conversation below the cross.  Now is the time to breathe-out.  To be still.  And then to take the next step in this wonderful journey.

If you have sat on the grass with us, thank you.  If you stumble upon this chat in the future, thank you.


“and breathe …. “




Just me being curious



continued …

“That is just not me at all … “

Say that thing you were thinking on the dog-walk yesterday, Paul …



Thank you.  This whole imaginary setting … the cross up there … you nailed to it … you hopping off it to join me here … the words, the questions, the certainties, the imagery … all of that … all of this … you talking to me … me talking to you … ALL of it … It’s me not you.

All of this is in my head.

You mean you are The Creator?  🙂

Now that thought wasn’t in my head!  🙂

But my point is this … I write these conversations as hearing you, but I am really hearing me.  I hear your words, but they are my words.  I talk to you – but I hear me.  I am talking ……

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