Cross that line and suffer the consequences

“Ask yourself this, Paul … as this “God of unconditional love” you have painted me … what do I gain from all this fear and sin other than this …”


I keep getting questions that have the answers I was taught – except those answers are making less and sense as we chat.


“All this “heaven” you all drool over … what is that other than fear-free and loved-up for ever?  And hell … a guy in red with horns running a fear-filled and love-empty place for ever.”


And the more we talk, the more sense his answers make.

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Just me being curious



continued … 

So if I am fear-free and outflowing of love … then what about sin?  It’s your trademark – your USP!  The bible is stuffed full of it … churches are full of sinners asking forgiveness … repentance is a hot button … “Grace Freely Given” … “Blood Shed For you!” … all of that stuff is your patent and my obligation!

It’s all got a bit out of hand hasn’t it?

Pardon me … “got out of hand …” … ?

Come on , Paul … sense of humour failure here … lighten up a little!

So are you saying there is or there isn’t sin?



I am saying “wordplay” wasn’t intended to become “law-play”.  And I suppose gatekeepers aren’t appointed for their sense of fun, are they?  But I ask you … all this fear … really …?  Is that all I am…

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