Are you cross at me?

“But that word “sin” … Who “created” it – me or you?

Because everything you have been taught says it was me. Which makes no sense at all. Why go to all the bother of creating all this stuff – only to drop a spanner in the works – and then create a whole theological conundrum complete with a stage, lighting, special effects, a script, an audience, AND a bunch of critics … “


The conversation continues. Jesus still absent from the cross we nail him to. Both of us still lolling in the grass below.


“Then no, I am not without sin.

I got angry. I used words that treated others as less than sacred (so I must have been thinking them as well). In word and deed and thought – if the bible has any truth – I am not free of sin. Righteous anger is bullshit. Anger is anger. Love is love.”


Still an open invitation to join the conversation (each bit is a continuation of the previous bit – and each is linked so you track forwards and backwards).

Thanks –



Just me being curious



continued … 

What is your biggest criticism of “religion” and “the church” today, Paul?

That I have to change to accommodate them – because both teach and live “love” that is conditional.

But isn’t that you loving “them” conditionally … you demanding the same in reverse?

And you didn’t?



Touche!  🙂

So to fear … what is the difference between “sin” and “fear”, Paul?  What makes the fear of sin acceptable?  Why are either okay?

I have a question.  Does sin exist, is it real, am I a sinner, and are you “pure and without sin”?

Define sin for me, Paul.



Behaviour in word, deed or thought which treats me or others as less than sacred.

Then no, I am not without sin. 

I got angry.  I used words that treated others as less than sacred (so I must have been thinking them as…

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