The cross of One Capital Letter

“What marks me out as any different to you?”


When you have “a fireside chat” with God I find it rarely goes as I think it should.


“That “one capital letter” is your invention – your creation – your imagery – not mine. So let’s just pause on this for a moment … because if you don’t “get this” you get nothing …”


I leave it to you to decide if this is really me and “God” – or me just telling an indulgent story.  If this kind of chatting offends you – if your God is not my God – if this doesn’t draw you in – if this repels you … then move on and leave this alone.


“So … what does this mean to the bible and all “that”?  It means the bible is just another “I have””


My journey has not ended – my journey will never end. And my journey is my journey. So if our paths have crossed in these words – then maybe there is a reason for that.

I don’t have answers – only questions …


“So … what is “I am” and how do “I have” I am … ? You are close young Paul.”


Welcome – feel free to stay or move on.

Thank you –



Just me being curious



continued … 

What marks me out as any different to you?

Apart from being “God” and “Creator” and “All of That” you mean … ?  You just said all of that was imagery.  My creation of you.  Our creation of you.  So now I am confused … What marks you out as any different to me (if all that stuff about the bible you just said is true) is … … … Sorry … 

I Am.

Yeah yeah yeah – the “I Am” translation debate … the Chosen people not even daring to write your name in letters … all of that superstitious stuff …  What’s that got to do with any of this?

I Am is the difference.  The only difference.  I Am is the only “truth” in all of this.

Okay. here.

Paul, you are on the way to I Am, but you’re still I…

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