A cross to die for

“How did you do that?

I changed the script … moved the props … took a break … whipped out a special effect … did a bit of CGI …  I am God and I can do whatever I like.  That’s what you all tell me: “God can do anything.”  So I have just hopped off the cross because I can.  You look bigger now I am down here instead of up there.  What about me – do I look bigger or smaller?

Smaller.  You look smaller.  You look … “normal” … … … … Get back up there!  You aren’t meant to be down here.”

I find that talking with God throws up the strangest of conversations.

Still sitting under the cross. Still looking up. And now finding he has jumped off the thing and is sitting right here besides me. Chuckling!

“You keep looking up at the empty cross – then at me sitting right beside you.  You’re still itchy about YOUR imagery of YOUR cross being shaken.  Doesn’t THAT tell you something about “the bible”?”


I love these chats.

How about you?

Thanks –



Just me being curious



continued …

So you really believe the bible is “written” by me?

That’s what I was taught.  And the odd thing is that no other “text” is given the same free-pass.  Everything else is cross-referenced … linked to other sources … checked for accuracy and legitimacy … but the bible is cross-referenced against itself … linked to sources elsewhere in the same bible … checked against Aramaic or Greek not for accuracy and legitimacy, but for accuracy and legitimacy of the translations and revisions since.  The bible is the bible because the bible says so – because you say and you are God – and that makes the bible sacred and accurate and not to be messed with.

And your point is … ?

Nobody dares mess with the bible because it is your words.

So why isn’t this conversation in the bible, Paul?  These are my words…

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