And that is not love either

If God is the answer and being saved is my way to God – then why all the fear?

“Forget all the intellectual googling, the academia of bible study, the God qualifications with all the practiced and sophisticated “scripturally correct” bullshit …

Good or harm … Save or destroy … “

Less and less do I see all the complication of God that I was taught and still see taught each week.  More and more I see a simplicity I was never taught.  A God who is not complicated.  A God who is undemanding.  A God not of sacrifice and burden.  A God who does not ask that I invest so that I can be paid back for my investment (for all eternity).  But a God who shows me that “Love is the answer – now what’s your question?”

And more and more I think we prefer fear.  And I wonder is …

“THAT is why we fear relationship with a stranger … FEAR relationship with one who thinks differently … lives differently … is different …

And I wonder if we might all think about teaching a different God to the “complicated God”.


Thanks for reading –



Just me being curious



I am told that “love is not enough”. That we need rules to deter the bad ones of their  badness before they act upon it.  And there is always a “them” in that – never “me” or “us” – always “them”.



Them with guns … with a grudge … who want to be first … who don’t believe in queues … who consider kindness a weakness … who think strength is intimidating others … who don’t consider others me their equal.  We need rules and consequences for badness enough to deter them … make “them” fear …

Which makes all of us “fear”.   And constant fear never brings out the best in anyone.

It certainly doesn’t in me.


“On another sabbath Jesus entered the synagogue and taught, and there was a man there whose right hand was withered.  The scribes and the Pharisees watched him to see…

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