Saturday 8 September, The Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary

“No – I am not going to tell you about the sex.”

“Really? The bedroom is centre-stage in the Christian Catholic Church (and every faith as far as I can see) … “


Christmas is coming and seems to get earlier each year! Not even had our summer holidays and the Nativity Story is in the aisles.

So I thought it was time to have a chat with Mary – mano-mano.

Get behind the public story and see the person behind the sainthood. And I learned a lot …

And so did Mary.


“WTF? Now that is news to me. We had stoning’s for ALL those “behaviours” … public stoning’s … no “drawing a veil” over that kind of “behaviour”! Now that is a commandment worth having!”


Enjoy the fireside chat …






Just me being curious



So Mary … now all the fuss has died down … your Son has gone back to heaven … all that is left is the adoration of the Roman Catholic Church … being religious royalty … having to forward all the prayers from RC congregants and clergy to God all day and night without a thought for your own needs …

Now that THAT is over – tell me … What was it really like … ?

What was “what” really like?

The sex, Mary – the sex with “God”!

“SEX” … Is that all you are interested in?

Well Jesus is the Son of God and you ARE called the “Virgin Mary”, and you are (half) God’s mum!  And that’s all AND only because of “the sex”.

So you just want the bedroom stuff?  Are you actually a real Christian at all?

Funny that – you’re not…

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