I can prove I am not a Pharisee

“So long as we live by The Law we will find loopholes, we will find justification for breaking the law, we will bend it this way and that. THAT is why there is a law in the first place. THAT is why there is a consequence to breaking the law. And THAT is why there are two books mentioned in the bible – The Book of Life and The Book of Deeds.

Both judge the heart. “


I keep hearing and seeing and smelling a righteous smugness about the Body of Christ.

That “The Pharisees” are the common enemy. The “false teachers”. The ones Jesus warned us of. That “we” are not them and never will be – boo … hiss …

It is a response that puzzles me and more.

How we are so sure we are not them and they are not us. Because if it is down to who believes correctly and who doesn’t … who is biblically correct and who isn’t … what is scripturally on-message and what is not …

I think we all are booked in for an appointment with The Book of Deeds.

But I could be wrong …




Just me being curious



Fornication.  One of the big no-no’s. Sex outside marriage is a no-no. Begins with envy or lust and ends with STD’s or an unwanted child – with the homewrecking and divorce and unnecessary trauma for all concerned!

All because you wouldn’t keep your private-parts in your pants!

I always thought it unfair as a young man, that this “fornication no-no” was applied equally to me.  Footloose and free – hormonal and having accumulated many unwanted items from the chemist’s before actually asking for a pack of condoms!   I was clean and prepared – targeted only free single ladies – always took no for an answer (usually the  no’s I talked myself into before even opening my mouth to any lady).

Yet I was still subject to this “fornication no-no”.

And now I read of abuse.  I read of those who were protected by the Church as they…

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