That is not love and we all know it

“So just what did God do for me with this nailed to the tree shaped like a cross thing?

He forgave you for being you!

The me He created in the first place – the me he knows every detail of – including what will happen in the future but won’t let me know.  The God who still lets me die of cancer and heart failure and dementia.  The God who stopped doing miracles when the bible was finished.  That God …?

That isn’t what Love is all about.”


The more I sit with the Matthew I am told is of God, the more I question if I am with God.  It seems to me that what Matthew is presenting is a case in a court of law.  A case wherein there is right and there is wrong.  A case for the Chosen People to convert to this new faith and religion.  The proper faith and proper religion.  To change Gods and swap their old god for this new god – the One True God.

I have trained myself to miss things.

Because so much of what I miss is a distraction from Love.  And I think the Chosen People need their god more than they need (or want) Love.  And I am beginning to think all who need religion need a god more than they want or desire Love.

And I don’t think that is what the bible is about.

But that may just be me.

Thank you as always for reading –




Just me being curious



.If I preach a message of God like this:  You are no different to anyone else … your reward is now … you dictate whether you add or subtract from those around you … you decide whether or not you build yourself up or wear yourself out … what comes after is no business of yours – Now in this moment is your business … what you make of each moment, what you are in each moment, how that influences what you are in the next moment, how others regard your past moments … THAT is your business … “

I would be told “God is not in that message.”

But if I begin like this: “The kingdom of God is like … “ and end with this: “For to all those who have, more will be given … “ THAT is of God!



The Parable…

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