A prisoner of my own faith

“The more I sit at the feet of Jesus as one the Chosen, the more restricted and bound I am becoming.

Rather than being freed, I find myself less free.  Rather than being forgiven I find myself accused. I hear right and wrong … must and must not … should and should not … I have to choose between will and will not.

I am becoming a prisoner of my own faith!”


Have I lost it – or found it?

Is this an unintended – or intentional – by-product of so much bible teaching?

Is it okay to journey this way?

Does God have the capacity to love me when I think aloud?

Do I have the capacity to know God when I think aloud this way?

Do you have the capacity to love me when I think this way?




Thank you –




Just me being curious



A few years ago we were broken into.  It was only when our daughter woke-up and saw our car was missing that she woke us and we found the front-door slightly ajar … then a rear door with the door-curtain caught … then a fence panel in the back garden half-raised .. and a bunch of keys (with the car key) missing.  But we had to look to make sure – we had to think where things had been and what was out of place.

It was a speculative burglary we were told.  Two or three walk the street.  Try each front door.  Are in and out in double-quick time.  We had never been burgled before.  Now we live as though we will be burgled at any time.  And it feels like being a prisoner in our own home.

“Keep awake therefore, for you do not know on…

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