The Master Craftsman – Part 3

We look to the bibles for “proper parables”.

Yet so often God is much closer.

So much closer that we push Him aside to see properly.  He so often gets in our way and we never even realise.

And then Mark Myers comes along and, in this sequence of posts (this is the third post) brings everything into focus again. Puts things back in their rightful place. Brings God into focus again.

I wonder if the bible peeps went “Wow!” As they sat and stood listening to Jesus walking and talking. I like to think they did. It’s so often my response: “Wow!”

Because I think they saw with complete clarity again just like me.

Welcome to the parables of Mark Meyer.

Thank you –


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A Generous Helping

“Why have we stopped?” asked the apprentice.

“We have a duty to fulfill,” replied the master craftsman. “The family who dwells inside this hut have a sick little girl and I have made her a gift. Please retrieve it from under your seat and accompany me.”

The apprentice did as instructed and followed the old man to the door. A woman whose face was worn with worry welcomed them into the hut where a small girl lay on a sweat-soaked mat. The young man could not take his eyes off of the sick child.

“Is she better?” asked the craftsman in a low tone.

“I am afraid she is not. Her fever is still very high and she seldom wakes to eat.”

Downcast, the old man grunted in a low sympathetic tone. He motioned for his apprentice to hand him the gift. “I have brought her this gift. It is…

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