July 5 – Use Your Noggin

“God has given us creativity and intelligence and reason.  Let us use it to His glory. He has created an amazing and wonderfully complex world.  Let us explore it. He has made us social beings and set us in a community.  Let us engage with others as they explore and express the creativity, intelligence, reason God has given them.  Living a close-minded life is both disobedient and dishonoring to God. Worship Him by using that noggin He has gifted you with.”

Has the ring of The Beatitudes about that last paragraph. Love it!


See what you think.


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Intelligent people are always ready to learn. Their ears are open for knowledge. (Proverbs 18:15)

Read: 1 Chronicles 1:1 – 2:17, Acts 23:11-35, Psalm 3:1-8, Proverbs 18:14-15

Relate: I don’t remember exactly what the conversation was about. Honestly, I don’t think I was even there for most of it. I had just made my way through the lunch line at one of the cafeterias at SUNY Binghamton and two of my friends were engrossed in a conversation that was still barely on the friendly side of becoming heated. The guy said something along the lines of, “You don’t really believe that, do you?” His female counterpart replied, “I try to keep an open mind about it.” He shook his head in mock disbelief and said smugly, “The problem with having an open mind is that everything keeps falling out.” She turned to him and responded deadpan, “The problem with being so close…

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