The Great Furnace/AC War of 2018

“One of the more ludicrous assaults on the legitimacy of Christianity is the refrain: “But there are EIGHT MILLION DENOMINATIONS!!! iT’S ALL HOGWASH!!” No, there are not.

People aren’t the same, and we don’t like things in the same style, in the same way. The fact that you like to raise hands, and another does not….does not mean we are not all Christians; it means we like to serve and worship with folks with similar styles. We may not even like each other, so we serve in different places. Sometimes division and moving on is a good thing and causes the Kingdom to spread.”

We may not even like each other.

One of the oft-quoted “Christianese sayings” is … “by this they will know … ”.  And yet the reality is that loving each other can seem like the last thing “Christians” want to be known for.

We may not even like each other.

Wally caught my attention with this pearl of honesty and a story of their weird AC system (of which I would never have known! 🙂  ) enough to make me stop and rethink much I have grown to believe is bad about the established church.

“We may not even like each other.”

Have a read and see what you think.

Thank you –


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Truth in Palmyra

Minds and Machines

For those who may not know it, Arkansas is brutally hot in the summer. I know there are places where temperatures get higher, but not too many where the temperature and humidity combine to create a perfect heat storm. Heat indexes of over 100 are just a way of life. Because of this, air conditioning is more than just a nice convenience; for some, it is a necessity to actually live. Gladly, we are not in the group, but NOT having it seriously compromises the quality of life.

For all of June, we had AC problems. It never went out, it just didn’t do a good job, and we never could get our house temp much below 75 or 80 degrees. Our unit ran 24/7 for the entire month and we were STILL miserable.

To add to the misery, we got the bill! Seriously, it was like two bills in…

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