The Blanket

“My name is Heather Brian. I am a thirty-something mother of two living in the suburbs of Atlanta. A former teacher, now I stay home with my children and run the “home office”. I have a passion for nature, music, writing and lounging with a warm blanket. Panic Disorder bombarded my life at age 23, and I’ve been trying to get my life back ever since. My hope is to connect with those who suffer with panic disorder by offering advice, resources, transparency and encouragement. We got this.”

I am sure we are all connected. And that when we allow – we connect for a reason. I also know that I don’t need to know why. That I may never know why.

That, for me, sums up walking in faith.

This morning I was drawn to Heather’s post. Her words resonate. Her words connect. And I wonder if it is just me – or might they resonate with you as well.

Walking in faith might be a personal journey, except we are never alone. We are community.

Thank you.


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Rerouting Life

I’m drinking coffee…on a plane!!! What?!! Who is this girl?

Many people head straight to the bar before they board an airplane, hit the Starbucks, whatever pumps them up (or calms their nerves) for the flight. Not me, I am straight-up ginger ale only up in the air.  I want to be in complete control at all times, just in case. Like I’ve said before, someone needs to be sober in case it all goes down, just in case I need to take over for the pilot or something. Yet here I am in the middle seat, next to my son; my husband and daughter in the next row, ordering coffee.  A previous panic trigger. There was a point in time where I wouldn’t drink coffee at my own house, as even the slightest elevated heart rate would start me down the worm hole of panic.

Ahhhh the dangerous…

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