My role model is Jesus

I have strong thoughts about reblogging a post here that I wrote on “my own blog”.

Always felt it was an indulgence, a repetition, a laziness almost.

Yet for his post I am making an exception: “My role model is Jesus” – seems apt for church and Church Set Free.

And I am curious as to whether you think so too.

Thank you –


Just me being curious

“Adrenalin junkie”

A thrill-filled-living of highs. The need to avoid a boring-samey-predictable-suffocating-rat-race we are taught to buy-into … the career, the slippery corporate ladder, the wedding + 2.4 children, the sensible car, the sensible house, the sensible routine, the sensible way to dying of boredom!

And now we have the millennials – the latest marketing category (so marketing can be easily targeted and always relevant).  And the trend for holiday destinations now  influenced by “instagram profiling” – less “does this look good on me” more “this place looks good with me posed all over it!”

There is a lot of hate in the world.

There used to be a progression of young to old.  Older meant a quieter living.  A living less shouty and noisy.  The young did all that.  Except now parents are still shouty and noisy and whooping it up all over the world (as the “silver-surfer” marketing proclaims). …

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