Little Man, little Woman what you do is IMPORTANT!

TF Thompson wrote some words which resonated like a tuning fork on a grand piano. The vibes reached deep down inside me to that small still space not of this earth.

And then BOOMED with joy.

A boom so big it was a sonic boom – a powerful boom – a boom that shredded many doubts and insecurities.

How did Tom do all that through a few words on a screen … from a zillion miles away … in another country … of another place … of another time-zone … ?

Read his short piece and see what it does to your spiritual insides!!



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Hard Times Ministries

For those of you who think your words, blogs, efforts, prophecies are to no effect and unimportant: nothing could be further from the truth.  What you do is important!

Some think they are so small relative to others and their contributions that they berate themselves, feeling useless and void. I don’t believe for a moment Christ would ever agree to that.

Man, woman:  you are NOT that little either for there is POWER in your words and deeds.

And for those of us who believe in the Butterfly or Ripple Effect, we know how one small ripple can change the course of the entire world.

Think about it for a moment.  Many of you provide words of encouragement and wisdom.  You bring joy to others about messages from our Lord, Jesus and about Jesus.

Thus, don’t judge yourself by the standards of the world that would insist on vast numbers…

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