Sin no more


Do those who have been saved weigh less than those not?
When I have been knowingly bad do I put on lbs?
Is confession like doing weight watchers?
Is forgiveness having a detox?


I was raised on the spiritual food groups.  Bible.  Church.  Sin.  Seems to me, looking back, that is a very frugal diet for a young man with appetites.


Do those who have been saved look thinner than those not?
When I have been knowingly bad do I get flabby?
Is confession like doing weight watchers?
Is forgiveness having a detox?


I thought love was smiling at everyone.  I thought love was chatting to everyone.  I thought love was something God did to us.  Because I never knew what love was at all.


When I was saved did I look heavier before?
When I have been knowingly good am I thin?


As I journey I have less and less interest in sin.  Sin bores me.  Sin distracts me.  Sin has become a label for something I no longer understand.  For something I am told I must.


Is confession like doing weight watchers?
Is forgiveness having a detox?


Sin no more, Jesus said.  Cured and “sin no more”.  And I wonder … What if he meant it?  What if “sin no more” was: sin “no more”?  What if I … sin “no more”?  What if I am free … “of sin”?


Confession is good for the soul
But confession of what.
Confession for who?


What if we would not let go of sin – just so that we didn’t have to love?
What if:  “You are cured and can only love”, we didn’t get on with?
What if heaven is now, and what if … we chose hell?


We seem to want to see a lifetime of suffering.
We seem to wish it upon ourselves.


You are cured and can sin no more.

Would leave so much more room for love.


6 thoughts on “Sin no more

  1. Didn’t Christ often preface “sin no more” with “Go and?” In that context, one could never have sin “no more.” The action would still be our choice; the will still our own to continually do God’s will or not.

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      • Didn’t Jesus–God– make the comment? By that fact, I will have to take him at his word. Sin came into the world through human choice, by disobeying God, and God in the garden declared that man must die; and God being God–omnipotent– He cannot go back on His word. Therefore, the Incarnate God paid the price of death so that we may choose to love Him again. Love must be through choice, otherwise it’s nothing more than a slave obeying a master, and the sacrifice of Christ and the desire for our will to choose Him is a far greater love than sin.

        Many will try to enter through the narrow door and will not enter…

        Many will say Lord Lord…


        • “Love must be through choice … “ always. Yet “we” followers seem to think there is a right choice and wrong choice – which dictates whether we indeed love at all. That always seems to lack both logic and love 🙂

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          • How is love to be defined? If love is a feeling inside our hearts than it is nothing but emotion and emotion doesn’t constitute as truth. What can we know about love and even logic? Well, through God’s divine revelation, of course, and we can discern from that, which, yes, we can error with judgment but it doesn’t constitute that we always do error with our discernment. This indeed exhibits what is logical and can be further refined through reason, so long as it is founded by God’s revelation. So, if we correct others by what’s God has been divinely revealed, as we’ve removed the beam from our own eyes, there is nothing more loving as we as members of the Body of Christ look to bring those to the Kingdom of God.


            • Ahhh, the great crossroads: which definition of love is correct? 😎

              Why is it that when Jesus spoke “the greatest is” it was enough. It was always enough. And yet since … it is not. More and more that confuses me.


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