The Visitation

To all those that are fighting addiction, know that I am praying for you on my knees. I bind the evil of addiction in the name of Jesus Christ. Know that you are not your addiction.

God is in your typewriter

Dear You,

I prayed the rosary for you today. In the stillness of my chair besides the calm waters, I remembered our friendship, the Lord’s connection to the both of us and my love for who you are. Today was the joyful mysteries. How can I be joyful while you are in rehab? Then I remembered Mary speaking to me last night, I can bring you joy. She kept repeating it like a soul mantra. I can bring you joy. I woke up with a great sense of joy and the gift to ask God to bring me joy, His joy. The Blessed Mother has always had a way of coming to me in hours that are especially painful. You see, I cannot judge you because I could have been you. Why the demon swallowed you and not me I will never know. But I have accepted it. You are…

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