Saying Goodbye to a Dear Friend

It’s never easy to say goodbye to a dear friend, to a loving sister in Christ, and yet there are times when we must do just that. Like so many of you, I was shocked by the news that our sister and friend Susan Irene Fox passed away earlier this week; what does one say at such a time?

Susan’s writings here on WordPress were a blessing to all of us, both on her blog and on Church Set Free, and when you read those posts of hers it’s almost impossible to miss the love that fills each and every line. I recall when a group of us came together via Skype to discuss the establishment of the site, back in 2015. Susan was part of that group and more than anything else, she wanted it to be a place where anyone could go and experience the love of Christ without judgment or condemnation from any of us who participated. She wanted it to be a place where anyone could ask a question or post a comment without feeling out of place or inadequate; she wanted it to become a place where any Christian as well as any seeker could feel safe and secure.

In the months that followed, a bunch of us got together regularly on Skype to discuss not only the site, but life in general, and while I never met Susan face-to-face, I felt as though I got to know her. I’ll never forget her smile and her sense of humor, and her ability to treat everyone as an equal as a loved brother or sister.

It seems to me that Susan in so many ways personified what it means to be a follower of Jesus Christ.

Many who read this may have known her longer than I did; many may have known her better than I. Yet I will be eternally grateful for the time I had for her to touch my life. In the final analysis, I know only one thing: Heaven is a much richer place today because Susan Irene Fox has come to stay for all eternity, and one day we will all be reunited there in the loving arms of Lord.

9 thoughts on “Saying Goodbye to a Dear Friend

  1. OMG. I did not know this! I’m jusr learning of it. WHEN and WHY? I hope someone will let me know. I sent her a comment on her last post just the other day and anorher comment alerted me that something was terribly wrong. A tragedy for us but glory for her. She truly helped me through my grief.

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  2. I just learned today Don, following a post Sis Melissa wrote and appeared on Facebook. I’ve had to go back and read the various things. Your words acknowledge how she has affected those who knew her, even if it was a little bit. I’ve told others and I’ll comment it here as well, I couldn’t get enough of her Poetry. Her writing was great, but her poetry was AWESOME! She will be missed!

    God bless!

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  3. Thank you for this post.
    I remember when Susan would read my Saturday Sillys (I no longer do them), she always left a message about how they made her laugh. I always tried to make them about something more or less Christian in nature, and always clean.
    She will be missed.

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