roasted beets and marigolds

This will only take a few moments to read.

So why re-blog these few words from Rebekah?

Because I find these few words circulating like moths around a lamp. They keep going around and around.

And I think you might find the same thing.

That’s why.


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My Beautiful One

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One day a lady walked over to me after church.  She did not introduce herself.  I didn’t know who she was.  I recognized her as the blonde lady who sits in the back, the one who wears fancy suits I’d never wear, and comes to church every week by herself.

She had a question for me.

“Do you have any needs?”

I didn’t know how to answer this question.  The kids were asking about their donuts when I started saying something like, “Um, well, camp just had a work day, so that was good.  There were lots of people here to help get things ready and cleaned up for–”

“No”, she cut me off, “That’s not what I meant.”

Dad takes the kids to the donut line.

“I mean family needs.”

Apparently she’d been hearing this nagging voice in her head telling her to go talk to me.  She’s afraid I’m going to think she’s crazy, and I assure her, in no way shape or form…

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