What’s Your Story?

“We are all living a story.
I believe stories have power. I believe that a good story, well-told can change the world.
There are five basic elements that a story must contain:

Mark Myers writes stories of great power. Each time I read one I am changed. If I had to analyse why it would most likely prevent the goodness in each story seeping into mine.

I think we all need to know good story-tellers. I think we are all good story-tellers. We each have the power to change. How we change is down to each one of us.

Have a read of Mark’s story. I guarantee you will not be disappointed.

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A Generous Helping

When I was a boy, I was big. Despite my size, I had great hands and a good arm. But none of that mattered when I put on my helmet and shoulder pads because the coach only saw big. I got in line with the boys trying out for quarterback and wide receiver, but he moved me to the offensive line and told me that the only time I got to touch the ball was if there was a fumble. And if there was a fumble, I was only allowed to fall on the ball – never, ever, never, ever, never try to pick it up.

Note the discontented #63 who is not #12 or #88

I remember one game, we were losing late and the coach called a screen to my side of the field. The play developed and I ran ahead to block. I don’t know what happened behind me…

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