Question: What Does Church Do For The World That NO OTHER Group, Institution, Company or Nation Can???

What Does Church Do For The World That no Other Group, Institution, Company or Nation Can?

Over at Agent X’s place there is a wonderful conversation.

What does Church do that nothing else can?

I have never been asked to answer that question. I have always accepted that God is Church is Church is God. God and Church are almost interchangeable (not really – but you know what I mean).

Agent X asked the question and I find myself drawn into a conversation of connection getting deeper by the comment. I find myself wondering why I have never asked myself the same question ever before. And I find myself struggling to find answers that make sense. And then I find myself being given words that make sense but come from elsewhere.

I invite you to have a look at what might be the most grounding conversation you will have. Because I am finding out that I love church. And I never knew I did – not until Agent X allowed my God – his God – our God – to allow Me in me to roam free.

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Please read this, consider it, and offer an answer.

I am a churchman.  I believe Jesus when he says, “On this rock I build my church and the gates of hell will not prevail against it!” (Matt. 16:18).

Now… we might argue over the meaning of all, or any part of, that statement.  And in arguing at that level, we might illuminate features that go normally unseen (even by me).  But I have no desire to argue that Jesus said it, that he meant it, or whether he might or might not be wrong about it.  No.  I will take that much at face value.  This is the word of God for us.  We must accept it.

But here’s the thing: I know LOTS of people who “do not believe in organized religion”, who say – “Give me Jesus; keep your church”, and practically every Christian in the world today…

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