The Skeptical Woman Who Became A Christian

Don’t you just love journeying with another Follower?

Might I disagree with some of the footsteps – aren’t some too short … too long … in the wrong place … trodden too hard … trodden too lightly … not yet trodden at all (yet) …

Might I disagree? NO !! !! !! !! !

Not unless Kriz MUST only journey MY journey.  Must only tread where I tread.  Must only follow where I follow.  Must be a mini-me (or – heaven forbid – I have to become a mini-me of Kriz!)  Because just what kind of a journey would that be?  Certainly not Kriz’s journey – not even mine (and certainly not a journey of freedom) – not a journey of love.

I love to journey alongside another Follower.

We never have to complete the same journey!

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For what does it profit a man to gain the whole world, and forfeit his soul? – Mark 8:36

Someone can be so close to knowing Christ, but fail to make Him as the LORD of his life right away.

I for one was an example of that.

I grew up in a Christian Community. My family and I lived for seven years in the same villagewith our Pastor’s family, and our church was just few steps from our house. I never missed a Sunday Fellowship when I was younger. I even remember sitting beside my Mom during the sermon while I envy my friends as they play outside. I was portrayed as a good kid, but deep inside I still have a heart of stone.

I learned about Christ and His sacrifice when I was 8, and it was through my Mom. I didn’t understand back then why is…

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