By the way, God is not a man…

One example is a polemic documentary called, “The Shack: It’s Dangerous Doctrine and Full of Error.” It seems their biggest beef is that the book teaches extra-biblical doctrine and violates “Sola Scriptura.” Specifically, about God directly speaking to people outside the Bible as quoted here:

“The book [The Shack] teaches, clearly, that God is communicating with man outside of the Word of God.”

Okay, there’s a problem with this? So God only speaks to us through the text? How is that conclusion not “extra-biblical,” even contradictory to Scripture?


Is Church Set Free different to God Set Free?

Mel Wild reminded me in this post of how The Shack, for me, cut through so much “Christian Tradition” and let me look deep into the eyes of my Saviour.

Whether you have read this book or not, whether you approve or not, whether you hear God or the Devil in this book … Mel’s post is a powerful reminder of how easily we all take sides so quickly and so easily.

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In My Father's House

theshack_movieA movie based on William Paul Young’s best-selling book, The Shack, is finally coming out this March 3rd! I am very excited to see this for many reasons.

This post is inspired by Cindy Powell’s post, “Hollywood, please get this one right.” I join her prayer that this movie does justice to the book.  But it also got me to thinking about our ideas about theology and God.

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