If My Blog Stinks…

Agent X found me.

I wrote.  He commented.  I looked.  And here I am.

There are moments when I know a connection across this internet fellowship is “right”.  And this is one such moment for me.  Because always I have found that sense – with hindsight – to be a gift from my Lord.

So why re-blog this on “Church Set Free”?

Spend some time with Agent X.  Meander through his blog.  And together he and your Father will provide the answers.

(Which is why comments and likes are disabled here. Get out of this blog – be free – and go and see Agent X)

Thank you –


Fat Beggars School of Prophets

On this blog, I do my best to REPRESENT.  I want you, dear reader, to see JESUS, not so much in me or on this blog, but in that bum you drive past on your daily commute, that bag lady down by your corner Starbucks, that dumpster diver in your alley.  And without the capability of emitting a sense of smell through the website, I must make myself metaphorically stink like Jesus (“the aroma of Christ”) in your nostrils.

I spent an hour talking to a man on the street corner downtown by St. Benedicts a couple of years ago who must have urinated in his pants a dozen times at least.  He was a hardcore alcoholic.  Was drunk at the time when we spoke, but I could not smell the alcohol over the piss.  The smell was overwhelming.  Thank God Lubbock is a breezy place!  I talked with the guy…

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