A challenge for bible lovers

Throughout the “Unconditional Love” series, I have been adding teaser bite-size posts over on Just Me Being Curious.

An invitation to mosey across here – to Church Set Free – and read the posts here.

That teaser and invitation is now reversed.

Today’s reflections are “You have not found me at all” … to be found across at Just Me Being Curious.

And a challenge for any who love their bible:


“(maybe all the learned theologians out there might like a challenge: Does the “deconstructed bible” say anything much different to that?)

“Go and … “

But …

“But if you find me and are not changed – you have not found me at all.”

Gatekeepers like certainty.  Gatekeepers like to know.  Gatekeepers like to tick people in and tick people out.  Gatekeepers need.  Conditional Love needs.

Unconditional Love never “needs”.”


Does  God say … “Go and .. ” OR …  “Go … but … “

So why not join me as God and me “chew the cud” together?  Just click this link to be transported to another ponder or two.

Thank you –




Thoughts and questions are precious ...

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