Disbelieving Church: Prayer

Another post in the series, and another thought provoking piece – this one about Prayer. That word , for me, is endowed with so much fear of criticising, prodding, and offering a personal view – much safer to nod with the mainstream and never think about such an key part of the Christian faith.

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Bluestocking Reflects

[This post is part of a series of reflections on Disbelieving Church. If you have not already done so, please check out the Introduction for a little background and a few disclaimers.]

When I was a child, my family regularly attended a large Southern Baptist church. In that church,  every Sunday morning service had a special section when the Senior Pastor (there were about a dozen ‘pastors’ on staff) would invite all the children present to come to the front and sit on the steps. He would sit among us and give a child-level talk. The only one I remember was the yearly Easter story about the caterpillar becoming a butterfly complete with clever soft toy to illustrate the change.

Somewhere in a scrapbook from my childhood is a newspaper clipping sent to me by someone from that church of the pastor on the steps with all the children praying at the end of his kids…

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