Where is the Love of God?

6081c43833367e34ec2fce1125603211American seems to have forgotten the lessons taught to us by Jesus, to love everyone, regardless as to how you are being treated. Dr. King knew this lesson well, and it was the keystone of a movement that changed America; sadly, not for long.

Two movements for equality existed at the time of Dr. King, his to bring justice through peace and love; the other to attempt the same through rioting and violence. Great men have changed the world through peace and love – Jesus, Buddha, Gandhi. Forcing people into your way of thinking never works – Roman Empire, USSR, Nazi Germany.

So why do people go for force instead of peace? Why do we not show each other love instead of hate? Why is our first go-to to riot, burn, kill?

Jesus showed his love on the cross, not through his death, but through his love. Even as he was dying he showed his love, God’s love, for us as he forgave those responsible for his death – Caiaphas, Pharisees, Sadducees, Pilate…us. One of his last words was to his Father, asking Him to forgive us. If he could forgive those responsible for his death, why can we not do the same for those who, through ignorance, prejudice, or human error, harm us? Why must we seek vengeance on people who were not even involved in the act, just because they share some similarity with those responsible? Why does the death of someone on the east coast demand the death of someone thousands of miles away, just because they share the same profession, skin color, political bent?

Where is the love of God?

America has become a nation of people who have forgotten how to forgive. If someone hurts you, hurt someone else. If someone makes an honest, human mistake, sue them. We seek perfection from the medical industry, if we get less then we sue. We have forgotten the love of God, who forgave us even as we were still sinning against him. We expect to enter into the Kingdom of Heaven because God will forgive us, yet we seek the downfall of those who have mistreated us.

Where is the love of God?

I recently read about a family business that was almost put out of business, all because of one person’s hatred. They saw a photo that they didn’t like, rather than just saying, “oh well, won’t go back there” they launched a social media campaign and protest. Business dropped so dramatically that the family had to remove the photo. It was just a picture, people! If you don’t like it you don’t have to go there, you don’t have the right to drive them out of business!

Where is the love of God?

Jesus told us a parable of a worker who owed his master an unimaginable sum of money – quadrillions in today’s terms – yet, this master forgave him every cent, wiping it off the records. Then the man comes upon a fellow servant who owes him a few month’s salary and has the man thrown into prison. Do you remember what happened when the master found out about it? He had the worker turned over to be tortured. What do you think will happen when you stand before the Lord and he asks why you did not forgive your neighbor his pitiful sins against you, yet you are asking to be forgiven for a lifetime of injustice?

Where is the Love of God in your life? In America?

5 thoughts on “Where is the Love of God?

  1. Amen and amen. Great points. Couldn’t agree more. Jesus looks more like Martin Luther King than the Terminator, but in the American mindset we’ve made Him more the latter. We need to follow Jesus and take His teachings seriously again. Martin Luther King sure did, and as you pointed out, he changed the world.

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