Executing Mercy

Image taken from the cover of “Executing Grace” by Shane Claiborne
Image taken from the cover of “Executing Grace” by Shane Claiborne


Their death is not a medicine

Which cures disease of violence.

Christ’s execution for all sin

Breaks chains to offer mercy, grace.


The cross, a noose, an injection-

When we choose death we give offense

For we forget where we have been.

God’s call to save has been erased.


This ‘eye for eye’ is old, spoiled wine

And Jesus’ call misrepresents.

Why listen to the worldly din?

New covenant is God’s embrace.


“Learn mercy,” yet we sacrifice;

Sadly ignore, still pay the price.


Go and learn what this means, “I desire mercy, not sacrifice.” For I did not come to call the pious, but sinners to repentance. (Matthew 9:13)


(Other relevant verses: John 3:16-17; John 5:24; James 2:8-13)


6 thoughts on “Executing Mercy

  1. Awesome Susan. As history has proven, trying to end violence with violence only escalates and perpetuates it. Jesus brought true peace (“new wine”) by becoming the ultimate Victim of our blame-shifting violence. The Cross exposed this scapegoating for what it really is. Unfortunately, nothing new under the sun when we see current events. We’re still drinking from the “old, spoiled wine.”

    “Christianity is a founding murder in reverse, which illuminates what has to remain hidden to produce ritual, sacrificial religions.”
    ― René Girard, Battling to the End: Conversations with Benoit Chantre


    • So true, Mel. Jesus put execution on display, and ended unjust killing in all forms, at least for those of us who call ourselves his followers. We must take off our blinders and stand up for what He stood for.

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    • So true.
      The original intent was to limit and equalize the law of Hammurabi. But that was Old Covenant law.
      With the coming of Jesus, we have New Covenant law. He established and reinterpreted eye for an eye, and told us to not resist, to turn the other cheek and to go the extra mile. Yet we ignore His words just as we ignore His command to love our enemies.

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